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uyescejiniv of Limbe in Cameroon signed on 23/06/2017, 0:35 with the following comment: - a href="" /a

usidihu of San Mateo in Venezuela signed on 21/06/2017, 23:24 with the following comment: - a href="" /a

igizorewax of Kitwe in Zambia signed on 21/06/2017, 23:12 with the following comment: - a href="" /a

oketieqoq of Oudega in Netherlands signed on 21/06/2017, 23:11 with the following comment: - a href="" /a

ixorerbikump of Kabul in Afghanistan signed on 21/06/2017, 22:58 with the following comment: - a href="" /a

omadulija of Port Hawksbury in Canada signed on 21/06/2017, 22:44 with the following comment: - a href="" /a

umenudmux of Philipsburg in Netherlands Antilles signed on 21/06/2017, 22:30 with the following comment: - a href="" /a

Jon Donadio in USA signed on 24/03/2016, 17:43 with the following comment:
Every time I go back and re-listen to anything I've been able to find for download by this band (Love Is Colder Than Death in particular touches me deeply, I also have the Existential Despair and compilation and some others) my interest and love for them grows. I first discovered them maybe only a few years ago by researching related artists and am so glad I did. Extremely excited to listen to the albums I haven't heard yet like Marianne. If I had more money right now, I would seriously buy as many of the original releases that I could find. And to anyone that might be reading this, please check out my SoundCloud page by clicking on my name (in blue) if you are interested. I'm a musician and have been playing different instruments since a young age, and started recording my own songs in my early teen years. Music is my main passion in life, so I am always interested in making connections with like-minded artists. 3

Kamila Oliveira of aracaju in Brasil signed on 12/02/2016, 1:00 with the following comment:
Vocês são simplesmente estupendos! Conheci o Poésie Noire quando tinha 14 anos de idade, agora tenho 21 e meu amor por essa banda só aumenta. Pena que onde eu moro não vende nada relacionado a banda. TE AMO MUITO, JO!

signed on 06/02/2014, 11:45 with the following comment:
la poésie esthétique

oumar signed on 30/03/2013, 12:09.

Upthebracket of Paris in France signed on 04/03/2013, 19:29 with the following comment:
Venez à Paris. On vous veux, on vous attend !

..And you searched for inspiration in the darkest places
But all you found was déjà vu

wallet of troyes in france signed on 02/01/2013, 14:27 with the following comment:
Bonjour a tous un grand merci a poésie noire d'avoir accompagné ma vie dans les moments heureux,voire mélancoliques et ce depuis 1989 que je vous écoute;vous etes musicalement exceptionnels ,bonjour de france!

Sovannak in Quebec, Canada signed on 31/12/2012, 1:29 with the following comment:
Merci pour cette musique. Il y a des gens ici qui voudraient beaucoup vous voir en spectacle.

thami of meknes in afrique signed on 18/12/2011, 16:24 with the following comment:
la beauté possède de la forme mais la grandeur de la beauté ne possède pas de la forme...t.elalaoui

chrys of grenoble in france signed on 25/09/2011, 8:10 with the following comment:
Oui ! Venez en France ! Vous avez des fans du début à Grenoble !!

Kevin in France signed on 12/06/2011, 18:34 with the following comment:
Venez en France, putain ! Je veux vous voir...

Unless you're flemish and hate french, then i'll say in
english come play and say 'fuck you frogs' we'll love it ;)

samba diop of mario in sénégal signed on 18/04/2011, 16:17 with the following comment:

Kamal Melki of Serrekunda in Gambia signed on 21/02/2011, 9:39 with the following comment:

ronaldo oliveira of sao paulo in brazil signed on 02/02/2011, 18:46 with the following comment:
i like you ... kissesss
do you because from brazil ok...
my name is ronald
one kiss jo caster
i like new cd ... adored
from brazil - sao paulo capital
send mensage to me in msn ... me add ....
ok... jo caster
msn :

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