Poésie Noire - Antler Magazine 05/1989


About Poésie Noire:

"We came into being about 5 years ago, our path wasn't strewn with
roses, people came, people went, but we kept going. We are gonna make
it...music in the first place."
Originally poppy-minded,Poesie Noire has now become one of the
stormtroopers of the electronic body music.
Poesie Noire plays urban society music.Using the latest
electronical novelties.Fighting against the most conventional
instrument-the guitar-" we try to come to a configuration that in one
way or another is unique.
We aren't ashamed to say that we use sequencers,
drumcomputers and synthesizers. It's not the way you play it, but what
you play that counts. After all, this is
the computer age. Either you follow it or you resist it.
Texts are important, because we think they have something to say. Texts
are something like a therapy to us. They deal with impressions from the
surrounding world or with introspections on our own lives."
Poesie Noire is known for its stirring live performances. The public is
being confronted with harsh
rhythms,striking them like a whip. Screams, feedbacknoi-
ses,electronical horror.Just let yourself go,endure it,
or detest it...
"We all have been through the punkperiod,our source of
inspiration to play music. We all have been on the dole,some still
are, we have studied. There is no future
for us unless we make one ourselves. We are influenced by the world
outside,our music is her reflection. The
guitarplayer plugs in his guitar, the drummer takes his sticks, the
computer start playing, the singer throws his
whole being on the stage. The dream has become reality
for one hour. No one can stop us now."


About Morton/Sherman/Bellucci:

Morton,Sherman and Belluchi are the Stock,Aitken and
Watermen of Subway Dance records. They're responsible
for the first hit of Erotic Dissidents "Move Your Ass."
and released over 50 tracks which you can find on
samplers like "Beat The Box" (Sub 050), the"New Acid House Beat
Compilation" (Sub 046) and of course on about twenty 12 inches.


About Taste Of Sugar:

Taste Of Sugar is an invention of the producers MSB, the
boys we meet throughout the whole Subway Dance story.
With the track "HMMM" they created another hitrecord
which is doing it very well on the Continent and especially in
France, where the band is extremely popular and doing a lot of shows
and tv-work. The very
catchy line "You wanna suck my...(tuuuuut)" is probably
one of the main reasons for the succes of this record, a line they
originally sampled from Karen Finley's" Tales
Of Taboo". Who knows what may follow...


About Erotic Dissidents:

Taking human sexual activity to the dance hall, under-
laying it with a sweaty beat and making it larger then
life, that's what erotic dissidents do during working-
hours. Being havy consumers of sex in their leisure time, the three wild
boys and the hyperactive woman who
make up this mysterious unit were looking for a way to
combine business with pleasure. They had known each other for quite
some time,as they visited the same so-
cial and/or private circles in uptown Ghent and down-
town Brussels, were they acted out their fantasies and
experienced the weirdest adventures during bacchanals
involving sexually orientated food(?), love potions(?)
and bare skin rubbing onto bare skin. Besides all that
the quartet sometimes sat down to experiment in other
fields. Music, for example, in particular electrified body
music. After all, the three boys in the congregation had gained some
notoriety on the Belgian and European music
scene and could not keep from showing off to their
female friend. On some cold and grey afternoon in winter
time, while they were fidling with their electronics,
she suddenly started singing to the tunes that were ringing out. It
sounded hot,inviting and inspired. The boys came up with a feverish
beat,the girl added some
saucy lyrics and the whole transcended into something they had never
heard before: a hypnotising aural orgasm,
body language translated into musical notation,an exciting tempo with
a pulsating groove...
They decided to call themselves Erotic Dissidents, as
this summed up everything they wanted to be: sexy and extreme. Their
first vinylproduct "Move Your Ass And
Feel The Beat", slowly worked its way up into the Belgian
charts. Released in February '88, it was picked up by several DJ's in
clubs throughout Belgium and,
starting from there, steadily gained a wider audience.
For some time their succes went unnoticed by the press
and the radiostations, but when Erotic Dissidents took their show on
the road, rumour started to spread they
were sensational. The three mystery men,fronted by the
wicked lolita "Zoogie", a girl encountered at the Boccacio, the renewed
megadisco near Ghent, stirred up
quite a storm. With their specially designed bondage suits and their
stage antics they were, to say at least,
very suggestive. A ban on the Belgian television was all Erotic
Dissidents needed to spread further their reputation and to cosolitate
their appeal..
In May '88 an intensified remix of "Move You're Ass..."
was released on public demand.In August the band released a brand new
12":"Shake Your Hips", the second chapter in the continuing adventure
of Erotic Dissidents in Big Sexyland. While you receive this info
their new record will be released on 12" and CDM.
It's a cover from Marilyn Monroe's "I Wanna Be Loved By You" and it
will probably break a few dishes, especially
the dirty version that was released on a limited edition of 500 copies
and was immediatly banned from all Belgian radio stations
(again!!). Anyway Erotic Dissidents want to keep a bright outlook on
human sexual behaviour and their own physical activities in
particular. Tongue-in-eh... but never painting a vulgar
picture, Erotic Dissidents bring joy and experiment in
music and sex... Grab them!!!


by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet.



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