Poésie Noire - Backstage nr.32 (07/1985)

English translation of the Dutch article:

Poesie Noire: Gioconda Smile
The new "pet" of Antler is called Poesie Noire and
releases after just six months of existence there
second record.
After the single "The Noble Art", which was full of
productional faults, is the mini album "The Gioconda
Smile" a confirmation of the good points on the Noble
Art single. Poesie Noire created their own sound, a
combination of a rhythm box, percussion, trumpet and
bassguitar which creates a very rhythmic kinda
popmusic like"Anne Clark", "Lavvi Ebel" and sometimes
even Afro-wave.
It's not easy to put a label on Poesie Noire cause the
spectrum of the music on Gioconda Smile is too wide.
Let's say... intrigueable pop with anethereal touch
given by producer Roland Beelen.
I can also mention that Fad Gadget is not far away
"Schmerz", an intimistic song sung by female
leadvocals is one of the reasons why you should
buy this album.
And when you know that you can hear this song on the
other side again with instruments then you can't go
wrong with this record. "And even when I close my
eyes, it remains the same...."
A very good minialbum which will definitely jump to
the top of the charts.

Dirk Hermans

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet, translation by Jürgen Vanvlasselaer.



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