Poésie Noire - Backstage nr.83 (11/1989)

English translation of the Dutch article:

Poesie Noire: Love Is Colder Than Death
"You never know with Jo Casters, we've written this
already many times. But with this album "Love is colder
than death" he beats everything. It seems that the New
Beat had a positive effect on him because this Poesie
Noire is unrecognizable. No samples, no electronics, no
more growling. Instead of this we get a sensitive album
full of acoustic instruments, soft, darkbrown
vocals, black romanticism. We can hear the very early
Poesie Noire again, the period of Gioconda Smile when
Casters and Co were an alternative danceband with
recognizable songs.
The recent fans are not gonna like this because
Casters (cause Poesie Noire = Casters) returns to his
roots, back to the guitars and good lyrics.
We like this album a lot, also cause Casters mention in
the bio some bands we like a lot, like The Cure, The
The, Nick cave... bands who dig to the essential
meaning of pop or rockmusic, bands who have got a story
to tell.
Casters has some things to tell and he is doing that
brilliantly.Songs like "Spiral", "Icicle" and "Ocean Of
Tears" are really touching.... what can you more expect
from a record."

Dirk Hermans


by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet, translation by Jürgen Vanvlasselaer.



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