Poésie Noire - Fabiola nr.1 (04/1986)

English translation of the Dutch article:

Poesie Noire: "Hum And Haw"
"What to do with paths that are already made?
Walk on them in your own way is the only way.
That's the problem of Poesie Noire.
Synthesizer-Rhythmbox-wave or something like
that, fact is that being original is pretty
The Gioconda Smile was their debut, so we forgave
them easily,but with a second mini-album the
expectations are higher. And those expectations
are only for a part fulfilled.On one hand the
production is better,is Poesie Noire much more
convincing and are the compositions more mature.
But on the other hand a "i heard this before
feeling" comes over me,especially when the
compositions are weaker.

Hans Maarten Post

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet, translation by Jürgen Vanvlasselaer.



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