Poésie Noire - Oor nr.21 (19/10/1985)

English translation of the Dutch article:

Poesie Noire: Gioconda Smile
Here is the minialbum of Belgians
rising star Poesie Noire. This is
their debut, so this 7 trackrecord
has still some teething troubles as
there is a weak production, mournful
singing and monotonous.
But next to that, we notice some
inventivity, so we can use the label
"promising band".
There are some good songs on Gioconda
Smile, especially the synthesizer-
rhythmboxsongs with the pleasant
annoying trumpet.

Hans Maarten Post

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet, translation by Jürgen Vanvlasselaer.



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