Bel80 1987 - CD - 2005

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1. Vaya Con Dios: Just a friend of mine
2. Won Ton Ton: I lie and I cheat
3. Viktor Lazlo: Breathless
4. Elisa Waut: Don’t be mad, get even
5. Léopold Nord Et Vous: C’est l’amour
6. Raymond Van Het Groenewoud: Genieten
7. Clouseau: Brandweer
8. The Soul Sisters: Talk about it
9. Poésie Noire: Timber
10. Front 242: Welcome to paradise
11. Philadelphia Five: Heaven
12. Da Davo: Where angels fall
13. Men 2nd: You owe me something
14. Skyblasters: Johnny B. Goode
15. Kloot Per W: Jungle (Male Feminism)
16. The Scabs: The pimp
17. La Muerte: Lucifer Sam
18. A Split Second: Flesh
19. Max Berlin: Elle et moi
CD Universal Music Germany

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet.



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