Sounds Of EBM - CD - 1997

1. A Split Second: Bend my body armour  
2. Snowy Red: The long run  
3. The Klinik: Memories  
4. In Sotto Voce: In sotto voce  
5. Posie Noire: Adaptation  
6. Boris Mikulic: Break free  
7. Voltage Control: Apocalypse  
8. Noise Unit: Agitate  
9. D-sign: Burning Cells  
10. Vomito Negro: The new drug  
11. X L O: Repulsion  
12. Tank Of Danzig: Hymn  
13. Neon Judgement: Factory walk  
14. Men 2nd: Wrm  
15. Company Of State: Hound  
16. Adult Fantasies: Fresh kills  

This CD is on sale on CDNow, Posie Noire: Adaptation and In Sotto Voce: In sotto voce can be previewed in RealAudio.

CD Never Records/Antler-Subway NR 6034 USA

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet.



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