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Answered by Marianne And Jo

From 'Marianne', Marianne doesn't perform the vocals anymore. Why?

From Marianne on I didn't perform vocals because Ludo Camberlin didn't really liked my voice, he wanted to have a warmer voice with more soul. That's why Evanna did the vocals.

Who is Evanna? and why have you prefered to give her the female vocals instead of Marianne?

Evanna is Irish, spent some time in Belgium.

On Gioconda Smile ('91), I think that some sentences are sung by Jade4U, is it true? Maybe it's Evanna instead but we can hear a little difference in the voice.

Evanna did sing the whole Gioconda Smile, Jade didn't have anything to do with it.

Is Marianne on the cover of Complicated?

I'm not on the cover of complicated as I pointed out yesterday, that's Jo.

We know (think) that you, Jo, is Morton but are you also:
-Jill Johnson of Matt's Phantasy Club performing "Big T" and of Serious ft.JJ Maurie for "Work for love" on Beat Box BB002 ?
-Pateke Morton that produced 'Pussy Jews' on Kaos 002 ?
-Joey Morton of The Joey Morton X-Perience that wrote "2000" on the first
Barramundi compilation (BAR6201) ?

Jo is indeed Jill Johnson and Pateke Morton and Joey Morton. He doesn't have any other nicknames (luckily). (Later we discover that he was involved in the band In Sotto Voce as Ilya Dimitrijevic)

Jürgen told us that you have written hundreds of tracks, is there a way (I mean, by you, by Antler/BE's songs, by SABAM or by...?) to get a list of all your tracks?

A tracklist. Hmmm. Maybe they have got one at Antler's. We don't know how many tracks Jo wrote, we even don't have all the records. Such a shame. What am I going to tell my grandchildren ? (just kidding)

Does you, Marianne, have also some other nicknames and can we know them?

My nicknames? Laura Furia is one of them and Mateke Porton (now you know who Porton is)

Who is W.Ex-Ray? Is it a human or a machine? Because on some tracks the name is mentionned but for the same track on another release the name is not given?

W. Ex-Ray used to be a member of PN (real name Marc Leeten) for a short time. I find it strange that he isn't mentioned for the same track, maybe some mistake by Antler or Sabam.

Can we know more about 'Delirious' ? Why the release has not been released at Antler? Some of us on the mailing-list think that the record was refused by Antler. Is it true? I think that really strange, because you have made the good days of Antler (in all the MSB projects), you have made the name of Antler! Because if Antler is become Antler/Subway, it's because the Subway projects have well worked, isn't? But it's mainly MSB under 90% of the Subway releases... Then, we really don't understand how you could have been refused...

Well, the cooperation with Antler finished and we had to find a new label. Antler is a recordcompany like any other. It doesn't matter if you have sold millions of copies, what counts is your value at that moment, and if it isn't high (commercial profitable) enough, well you know what happens then. It's business as usual and loyalty and friendship don't have anything to do with business. Furthermore, Jo isn't an easy person to work with (which artist is?), he had some 'discussions' with Antler so they were very pleased to let him go. No need to tell you that it left a very bitter taste ...

In the credits of Tetra, you say that 'This record was made in the year 42 A.H. and released in the year 43 A.H.'. Who is 'H' ?

The year 42 A.H. means after Hiroshima. Some journalist thought it meant after Hitler, but no no.

Who made the drawings in the booklet? (the booklet illustrating some songs that Jonas bought from Antler some years ago)

The booklet has been made by Marina Verduyckt, the same person who used to make the sleeves.

What does T.B.X. means?

TBX means To Be Excited.

What is the story of In Sotto Voce?

Actually it was a joke. At that time there was a radioprogram called Domino presented by Luc Janssen who didn't like PN (too poppy). So Jo thought of In Sotto Voce, released the rumour that the band was from Ljublijana and Luc Janssen bought it. He played it and was proud that he had discovered a very underground band! Revenge is soooo sweet.

Can you remember the founding of Poésie Noire?

In the beginning there was the concept of reading poetry on music - poésie noire you see - but then it became a band, but don't ask for dates, we don't know anymore.

There are different people performing the tracks on the TBX album Delirious. Could you tell who is Rebecca?

Rebecca used to be a dancer in Café d'Anvers (dancing in Anvers of course) and Jo thought she had a good voice so...

And could you tell more about the track Mercedes Benz?

It was recorded with the original voice of Janis and a dutch singer sang on top to give it some more body.

The TBX track "Inspire Me" seems to use a Depeche Mode sample (101) to make the track "live"?

Of course Inspire me isn't live. It's just a joke ! You know: hahaha !? Otherwise we would have erased Dave's voice at the end of the song. Don't to take these things so serious. It's only music you know.

How do you compose the lyrics?

I usually take a piece of paper and start to write. No concept or content, just start to write and see what comes out of it. Of course I take into account that it has to be singeable, but writing is a natural process. As for the better sounding in the other language: some expressions are not translateable (p.e. der Weg zu zweit ist nicht so weit) so we use another language.


Answered by Poésie Noire Mailing-list fans

On the quotes in the booklet of Complicated, someone says that he likes the Dead Can Dance sample on Pity. Do you know more about this sample?

Jürgen has found that the sample that you can hear in Pity for the Self (at 3'33" to 3'42") comes from the song Echolalia of the Dead Can Dance CD named The Serpent's Egg (4AD / CAD 808 CD / 1988). You can get the sample here.

What's the origin of that Dead Can Dance sample?

Benoît has found that it comes from some voice sounds of Isabelle Adjani in the Andrzej Zulawski movie called "Possession". It appears that the sample comes from the apocalyse scene in the Berlin subway.

Are there some secret messages in the Poésie Noire records?

Esa has found some engraved texts in the vinyl of some records:
on the Pity For The Self Or We'll Teach You To Dance MLP, "Still Crazy After All These Years";
on the Love Is Colder Than Death LP, "Hear the Silence Breath" ;
on the Marianne LP, "Love to Marianne".

What's the mysterious "Untergang des Abendlandes" in the early Poésie Noire records?

According to Daniel "Untergang des Abendlandes" is written by Oswald Spengler (1880-1936). Originally the book was called "Untergang des Abendlandes. Umrisse einer Morphologie der Weltgeschichte" and it was first released in 1922. Spengler was an antidemocratical enemy of the Weimarer Republik, but he also took a critical look at the nazi-ideology. The following sites give you further informations:


What does means the russian words said at the beginning of Radioactive flood.

Mark reported us that the transalation is something like "The radioactivity on the territory A.S. and the electro- station Pasok has been increased a half to two times. Summoned participants connected to the territory A.S. have begun the work with the deactivation. The attention to the help for the injured continues and there are 18 persons in severe circumstances. Among the wounded there are no foreigners."

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet.



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