Poésie Noire - Introduction

Poésie Noire was a great belgian band. In despite of that we haven´t been able to find any information about them on the world wide web. Let us try to do something about that together. If you do have any information about Poésie Noire, please mail it to us, and we will try to make this page as good as possible.

Poésie Noire won the Belgian rock contest Breekend in 1985. In the next year the group played support to Dead Can Dance and the Sisters of Mercy and also a lot of gigs on their own. From that point the saga continued...

Originally the Poésie Noire had seven members, but soon there were only three, Johan Casters, Marianne Valvekens and Herman Gillis.

Unfortunately Poésie Noire ceased to exist in 1992. Antler-Subway waffled on the release of the album "Delirious" and released Poésie Noire from their contract. The band then signed on to EMI-Belgium (a much larger label) and changed their named to TBX. EMI-Belgium released "Delirious" under that name, but it didn't do too well (their music isn't meant for mass consumption). It was deleted from the EMI-Belgium catalog shortly afterwards.

Not being released didn't stop the genius! Jo and Marianne continued making music together.

During the end of the nineties, Jo worked in a company that co-ordinates musical mega events and Marianne worked in a large company who helps people to find a job. Herman was working on his devices under the Sherman name.

The Millenium make them change the careers of Jo and Marianne. Jo has started working as A&R for the Roadrunner (now Mostiko) division of Arcade/CNR and Marianne has written a book.

Since 2006, a new album is announced but still delayed year after year.

In 2010, both a live performance and the new album is again announced and this time, this is for real!...

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet.



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