The idea behind SYNTHESIS is to present what we consider to be points of interest from across the electronic music scene, with an emphasis on both the more alternative and more dance-oriented sounds.

THE PHILOSOPHY OF SYNTHESIS: Our purpose is not to promote just specific individual artists but - hopefully - to also promote more of an appreciation for a wide array of different styles at the same time, regardless of their perceived 'seriousness' or popularity relative to the current scene..... We see music as being joined together into one solid continuum of sound (and electronic music especially...!) rather than splintered into increasingly isolated and specialized strains that come and go at the whim of the trend-conscious media and its fickle followers!

Within the electronic 'continuum of sound' we can see there actually exists lots of common influences and origins among the different variations in style, the best of which are all bound by a pure affection for the synthetic sound, and a pioneering spirit of adventure..... And we believe this is all that YOU really need to hold on to as well, if you want the true key to to unlocking the world of electronic music (or music in general, for that matter)..... This is our message!!

SYNTHESIS is here to help the process along, so we made a deliberate choice to mix and match and cross-reference as many things as we could. Hope you like it! In particular, we hope that DJ's (or other people who feel a responsibility to spread this techno-legacy) will find this approach useful, since regardless of the particular music style being addressed, whether it's new or old, fast or slow, hard or soft, popular or obscure, we assume the true electronic music lover would want to know what it's all about.....

We're always looking for people who are interested in submitting articles, reviews or tidbits of information (newsflashes, URLs, etc.). Our basic guidelines are quite simple -- we are generally here to support the scene and to pass along information, not to gripe about the low points of things which do not suit our own tastes.... So, feel free to contact us by e-mail. And if you have any ideas for submissions, or any comments or questions in general, please let us know.

Anyone wishing to send along materials for promotional purposes or review are directed to the following address:

c/o John MacMaster
1104 Tower Road #21
Halifax, N.S.
Canada B3H 2Y5


SYNTHESIS is presented in a sort of on-line magazine format, with both permanent features (articles and link sections, which are updated on a semi-regular basis) as well as regular columns such as our "Music/ Remix News" and "Reviews" sections. For those looking for additional information on the industrial music scene there is our "Electro-Shock Therapy" section. If you'd like to see the older editions of the columns they are all contained here under "Backissues". All new additions will continue to be noted in the "What's New...." section. (The most recent developments will be posted first as individual news items, and anything major will later be relocated here under "All About SYNTHESIS....").

Under the menu heading "SYNTHESIS Info Files" we have a number of other features that are available:
The biggest of these concerns the early days of the Belgian techno scene, aka New Beat.... A feature on the Nu-Energy trance/techno sound is also found well as an interview with Gary Cobain of the UK's Future Sound Of London. The "Artist Profiles" and "Label Profiles" sections are just what their names suggest, and will contain both new articles and hypertexts to other parts of SYNTHESIS.

Other developing menu items include a "Techno/ Industrial/ New Beat Compilation Albums" info file which gives full track listings for various compilation albums, and for those looking to correspond directly with certain artists and labels, we have a section to lead you toward some "Contact Addresses" you can use, although it contains only a few links at the moment.

Also, at the end of our menu page you will see our selection of various Links under the heading of "Techno-Net Links". There are seperate sections for "Techno/ Ambient", "Industrial/ Gothic", "Synthpop Links" and "New Beat Links". Our "Music Technology Links" section  is a forum for information about electronic music equipment -- synthesizers, samplers, music software programs and so on. We have also broken up part of our miscellaneous "Other Links" section and formed two brand-new categories. Through our "Mind-Bending Links" you can explore a variety of methods to alter or enhance your brain and mental might even change your life forever! Also, on a distinctly psychedelic note we have a section for "Fractal Links", full of eye-popping synthetically generated artwork....

Stay tuned for more information on further developments as they occur on SYNTHESIS....!

(Special thanks go to Carson Pierce, Tony Hage and James Hamilton for all their help.)


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