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Assembled w/original text by Tony Hage (aka DJ Zoo)

Techno music, from its early beginnings to the present, has seen many transformations and evolutions.... mutations which have developed to reflect the state and essence of the underground dance music scene at the time. Such is the case with the genre of Nu-Energy.

Nu-Energy, spawned in Germany, has risen over the past year and a half to reflect the cream of cutting edge of club culture in Germany and most recently the UK. It embraces both club culture and the rave scene creating a happy, care-free and exciting new genre of dance music. It is a marriage of techno-trance and house music, and it's fueled by hi-nrg synth and string lines, and glorious breakdowns. Nu-Energy is not to be confused with hi-nrg house...which can often be tacky, spiritless and boring. Nu-Energy is more interesting and offers some unique ideas and melodies in the music. Nu-Energy has gone down a storm on many dancefloors because it does away with the pretentious attitude in a lot of the techno music of today, and is more accessible to audiences who just want to dance their heads off and not just philosophize about the music they are moving to. Nu-Energy was made to set dancefloors afire, it was not meant to be criticized or judged for its pure listening value or its intelligence!

Nu-Energy explores the more uplifting and happier side of techno; though it can be haunting or dark as well, it's always heading toward a state of higher excitation. There is usually a build-up to a climax which is followed by a mental breakdown, giving way to euphoria and elation. It recalls the excitement of the acid house scene of the late 80's and the rave scene of the early 90's, which has been sorely missed by many DJs and dancefloor nutters.

It has gone over well in most gay clubs in Germany, and recently in clubs in the UK, but Nu-Energy is not simply a gay phenomenon. Where and when it was born is subject to debate, but many say the first Nu-Energy style track was "The Age of Love" by Jam and Spoon. That was in 1991. Is Nu-Energy that old? Perhaps, but what you have to remember is that it takes a bit of time and experimentation before a burgeoning new genre of dance music can fully take flight.

Some of the people behind the burgeoning Nu-Energy scene include: Blu Peter, Jens Malhstedt, Ramon Zenker (of Hardfloor), Baby Doc & The Dentist, Red Jerry, Ben Tisdall, Mrs. Wood, and many others.

The most prominant labels through which the Nu-Energy sound has been forged include No Respect, React, Superstition, Influence, Liquid, Movin' Melodies, Time Unlimited, and Noom among others.
One could breakdown the Nu-Energy sound into three main categories: Nu-Energy house, Nu-Energy Trance, and Nu-Energy Acid. To give you an example, a track reflecting the housier side of Nu-Energy would be one like " Bits N' Pieces" by Artemesia. " Loops n' Tings" by Jens could certainly typify the Nu-Energy trance anthems, while"Catalin Rising" by Baby Doc and The Dentist, is a prime example of Nu-Energy Acid. What you have to remember is that Nu-Energy, just like house and techno, is so diverse that none of these tracks can solely reflect their respective styles, however they do typify if not define some of the essential ingredients shared among their own genres. More generally, Nu-Energy is simply a fusion of techno synth and string lines, with house rhythms and basslines, creating an uplifting and care-free atmosphere.

These are some suggested Nu-Energy tracks for your aural exploration!

DJ Zoo's Top Ten Nu-Energy Stormers:

Album Review

"The Dentist Presents...Nu-Energy Vol.1"
(Jumpin' & Pumpin') ---- UK release

This is the first compilation by the Dentist, who is one of the leading advocates of the Nu-Energy sound and also operates the UK's leading gabber label, Boscaland. This is not a gabber compilation however, but is instead a superb collection of hi-nrg trance and nitro-fuelled hard house, with the occasional acid offering thrown in as well. Indeed, the 11 tracks on this album represent some of the finest and most uplifting underground dance tracks you are ever likely to hear or experience. The tracks themselves are diverse and range from 132 BPMs to 150 BPMs, made to satisfy everyone from the dancefloor maniac to the speed hungry technohead. Tracks worth noting are "Mantra to the Buddha" by Hyperspace, an uplifting acid builder with tribal chants, which went down a storm last year at most events, and "Catalin Rising" by Baby Doc and the Dentist, which will satisify most acid lovers with its intense 303 build-ups and breakdowns. There are also some housier tracks on the album as well, such as "The Feeling" by Tin Tin Out, and "For Your Love" by Elevator, both tracks emersing themselves in gorgeous string lines and uplifting vocal samples.

_1 ) Tin Tin Out - The Feeling
_2 ) Baby Doc & The Dentist - Infanta-Ci
_3 ) Virtualmismo - Cosmonautica
_4 ) Jones & Stephenson - The 1st Rebirth (Hiroshima Nu-Energy Mix)
_5 ) Dual Mont - Casabianca
_6 ) OCP - Energy Frenzy
_7 ) Yum Yum - 3 Minute Warning (Scope Mix)
_8 ) Baby Doc & The Dentist - Catalin Rising
_9 ) Elevator - For Your Love
10 ) Hyperspace - Mantra To The Buddha (Higher State)
11 ) Hiroshima - Dragnet

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