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GOA TRANCE ALERT!! One of the biggest names on the Goa Trance scene is Man With No Name, and this label-hopping artist has released two chart-busting singles as well as a full-length album, all out recently and all on different labels..... The "Lunar Cycle" single is out on the Dragonfly label and the other single "Paint A Picture" is released on Perfecto, following up the release of two other titles for that label -- the popular "Floor Essence" single and also a remix of "Stimuli" by The Infiniti Project. Also, the debut album from Man With No Name called "Moment Of Truth" comes out through the Concept In Dance imprint (an off-shoot of XL Recordings). The second volume in the Concept In Dance compilation series, the sequel to the "Digital Alchemy" collection, is also out now and is entitled "Tribal Science". And that's not all..... Man With No Name also contibutes a remix to the new Eat Static EP "Bony Incus" from the Planet Dog label.

Along with the "Bony Incus" EP from Eat Static, the Planet Dog label has released Banco De Gaia's "Kincajou" with new remixes (from Oliver Lieb, Speedy J and Banco De Gaia) and continue to bring more material on CD to America, including the "Epsylon" EP (with bonus tracks) by Eat Static, the "Sirius Sounds" album by Children Of The Bong, Volume 2 of the "Feed Your Head" ambient compilation series, and the dub-style collection called "Planet Dub" (a 2-CD set). And, if you haven't got them already, you can also look for U.S. releases of Banco De Gaia's "Last Train To Lhasa" and the label sampler "Transmissions From The Planet Dog" (both are 2-CD sets).

Orbital have recorded a song using a Greenpeace solar-power generator in their studio, in a move to further explore their interest in alternative energy sources. The track is called "The Girl With The Sun In Her Head" and is the first track of their new album "In Sides", which also features a new shorter mix of their recent epic-length single "The Box". Some versions of the CD also contain a bonus disk featuring the full EPs of both "The Box" and "Times Fly". Something else to look for on Internal Records.... from Orbital labelmates Salt Tank comes the album "Science & Nature", which is a collection of their EP material to date.

UK experimentalists Coil have just completed work on the score for the film "Frisk", based on the novel by Denis Cooper. And, although uncredited, their remix of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer" is heard during the opening credits of the movie "Seven". Other soundtrack work by Coil includes music for Derek Jarman's last film "Blue", and an unused score for the original "Hellraiser".

Mutant trip hop artistTricky follows the release of his "Pumpkin" single with a brand new recording project by the name of Nearly God. The album features appearances by Bjork, Alison Moyet, Neneh Cherry and Stereo MCs and is self-titled "Nearly God", while the first single is called "Poems" and features Terry Hall (ex-vocalist of The Specials) and Martina, who also sang on Tricky's "Maxinquaye" album. Included as a bonus cut on the single is a cover version of "Children's Story", originally by rapper Slick Rick, while the album features a Siouxsie & The Banshees cover song called "Tattoo". Tricky also contributes a remix to the new Intastella single "Grandmaster".

House/techno popsters Sunscreem release their second full-length album, continuing the run of club success they've had with their three recent singles -- "When", "Exodus" and "White Skies". The new album is entitled "Change Or Die", and there's also a new single called "Secrets".

HARTHOUSE UPDATE!! The latest list of releases from the U.S. branch of Harthouse/Eye Q Records:

Der Dritte Raum (aka The Third Room) - Wellenbad CD
Der Dritte Raum (aka The Third Room) - Einsatz 12"
Jiri.Ceiver - Trental (Remix) 12"
Off And Gone - Everest CD
Resistance D - Live At Mayday 12"
Soap - Club 69 Freq. (Remix) 12"
Traveller - One 12"
Various - 5 Years Of Eye Q Music 2-CD set


DJ Food releases an album of remixes to follow up the "Recipe For Disaster" album on the UK trip hop label Ninja Tune. Called "Refried Food", it's been spiced up by the following menu of talent: Wagon Christ, Herbaliser, Squarepusher, Autechre, Vadim, Dr. Rockit, Tongue & Groove, Skint, Fila Brazillia, Ashley Beadle, MLO and (naturally enough) DJ Food..... And that is only the CD version -- there are also three vinyl 12" releases which contain additional mixes from Lemon D (Metalheadz), Jeep Beat Collective, Neotropic, Dr. Jam and Mr. Scruff.

Kris Needs of Secret Knowledge has remixed "Now Is The Time" by The Crystal Method, and also joins Dave Clarke and Meat Beat Manifesto on the list of remixers for the "Narcotic Influence" single by Empirion. Meanwhile, Empirion do a bit of remixing for XL Recordings labelmates The Prodigy on their recent "Firestarter" single.

The Hypnotist (aka Caspar Pound) releases remixes of his techno classic "This House Is Mine" with mixes from Baby Doc, Humate, Mijk Van Dijk and Kid Paul on the Rising High label.

Early Chicago acid house innovators Phuture issue some updates to one of their classic tracks "We Are Phuture" with new mixes by Slam, CJ Bolland, Joey Beltram and Straylight.

Tom Bailey and Allanah Curry of Thompson Twins get the remix treatment from Todd Terry as their Babble project returns with a new single called "Love Has No Name". The second Babble album, the followup to "The Stone" (which sounds like a cross between The Beloved and "Screamadelica" period Primal Scream), should soon be released as well.

Killing Joke are back with a new album entitled "Democracy" which is available in a limited edition double CD format which includes not just the album itself, but also a disk of industrial strength remixes by Carcass, The Orb, Hallucinogen, Black Sun and OTT. There is also a "Democracy" 12" single release.

An impressive new remix project that should command the attention of all industrial dance music fans is a series of CDs called "The Remix Wars". Each CD features two artists 'battling' each other by remixing three of each other's tracks, with excellent results. Volumes 1 and 3 are available through the 21st Circuitry label in the U.S. while Volume 2 is out on Cleopatra, and they are as follows: #1) Wumpscut Vs Haujobb #2) Die Krupps Vs Front Line Assembly #3) 16 Volt Vs Hate Dept. On a related note, Haujobb also have their own remix album entitled "Frames" which features mixes by Cevin Key (of Skinny Puppy), Adi Newton (of Clock DVA), Mentallo & The Fixer and Forma Tadre.

Psychic TV follow the chilled psychedelic sound of their new "Trip Reset" album with a remix version called "Cold Blue Torch" which features a more industrial approach, with mixes from Skinny Puppy, Prong, Leather Strip, Pigface, Spahn Ranch, Alien Faktor and Oneiroid Psychosis.

Industrial aggro-dance group Birmingham 6 find a dozen different ways to slice up their industrial club hit "Policestate" on their new remix release "To Protect And To Serve - The Policestate Remixes", including mixes by Bigod 20, Nerve and Swamp Terrorists.



The Grid - Music For Dancing (on Deconstruction /BMG) ---- U.S. release

An excellent collection from one of the techno realm's most underrated acts....well, at least within so-called 'serious techno' circles. The Grid have an almost uncanny ability to adapt different styles of music to their own crowd-pleasing electro-pulse and make it all sound so natural and so effortless (much more so than it really must be, of course). Given the popularity of certain singles, especially their huge hit "Swamp Thing", this has unfortunately led people to perceive them as a novelty act -- not a good thing to be apparently, in this age of genre-conscious trainspotting 'intelligent' techno types and all -- but hey, it works; and, they deliver the goods in a Grade A fashion....and that's what counts! The only semi-drawback here is that the three big singles from their album "Evolver" are all repeated here again in virtually identical mixes. However, there's plenty more here, including remixes from Andy Weatherall, Justin Robertson, Todd Terry and Global Communication. Their god-like classic "Floatation" is worth the price all by itself, in fact - so if you don't have this stuff already, you should definitely count this as an essential purchase.

_1 ) Floatation (Subsonic Grid Mix) ---- Andrew Weatherall / Richard Norris
_2 ) Crystal Clear (446 Mix)
_3 ) Boom! (Freestyle Mix)
_4 ) Figure Of 8 (Tribal Trance Mix)
_5 ) Rollercoaster (Nemesis Mix)
_6 ) Texas Cowboys (Ricochet Mix)
_7 ) Swamp Thing (Southern Comfort Mix)
_8 ) Crystal Clear (Prankster Prophet Mix) ---- Justin Robertson
_9 ) Figure Of 8 (Todd's Master Dub) ---- Todd Terry
10 ) Diablo (The Devil Rides Out Mix)
11 ) Rollercoaster (Yellow Submarine Retake) ---- Global Communication

Karma 99 - Karma (on Ekstacy) ---- U.S. release

Karma 99 is a duo that hail from the area of Detroit, although their sound is much different than what is normally thought of as "Detroit Techno"..... The material on this mini-album/ EP release actually represents the group's older output which is a hybrid rave/ industrial dance style, while currently they are moving toward a more techno-based sound. The tracks "Que" and "Seven On" are brief instrumental intro cuts, "Sukasa" and "Symbiotic Psychopath" are in a straightforward electro-industrial groove, "Methyl Oxide" and "7 On 7 Inch Soul" incorporate female soul/ pop vocals into the mix (like some KMFDM stuff, but not as heavy), while the live track "Passion" - which is certainly the odd one out - blends breakbeats and commercial club sounds, and even some quasi-rap vocals(!). Not one for the purists most definitely, but interesting. This is likely to appeal mostly to the indie industrial listeners rather than a techno crowd -- although any open-minded alternative/ dance fans in general might want to check it out (....or at least check out the Karma 99 website).

_1 ) Que
_2 ) Methyl Oxide
_3 ) Sukasa
_4 ) Symbiotic Psychopath
_5 ) Seven On
_6 ) 7 On 7 Inch Soul
_7 ) Passion (Live)

Natural Born Techno 3 (on Nova Zembla/KK) ---- Belgian release

Belgium's Nova Zembla label is a recent offshoot of the KK record label, but more oriented toward the pure techno side of their music. Their releases usually vary in style between trance cuts and more ambient/ experimental pieces - often on the same release - making their overall output seem rather esoteric and perhaps confusing, especially for newcomers. Well, problem solved -- with nifty compilation albums like this you get the most popular and dancefloor compatible tracks all in one nice little you definitely can't go wrong with this one. About half the tracks here are in the Goa Trance style, while S.T.M.E. and Aura serve up some trance and house with an ambient feel, Astralogica gives us a more tribal house sound, MDA Analog offers up a Detroit techno styled cut, and Phi has that Belgian "dark-trance" flavour. At the risk of sounding trendy I have to admit that the Goa style tracks are my favorites, though..... Highlights include "Bug" by Delta Plan, "Near To The Divine" from Kode IV, and Elysium's "Master Of The Rainforest".

_1 ) Elysium - Master Of The Rainforest
_2 ) Sympathy Nervous - Emergence #3
_3 ) Kode IV - Near To The Divine
_4 ) Aura - Communication Native
_5 ) Phi - Locus Pica
_6 ) MDA Analog - Pride
_7 ) Amazone - Acid Drain
_8 ) Delta Plan - Bug
_9 ) Astralogica - Tullip
10 ) Self-Transforming Machine Elves - Natural Born (Techno 4)

Suck-Taste-Spit (on Dynamica) ---- U.S. release

This album showcases three bands who record for the industrial dance label Dynamica (an offshoot of the super excellent Machinery label!), and it's no accident that these particular artists have landed here together as each uses the industrial/ heavy-metal crossover VERY LOUD effect. Basically this is a collection of tracks previously released on EPs, and range across the spectrum from almost-pure metal to almost-pure dance -- as illustrated by cuts #3 and #4 from Cubanate for example, while their "Joy" mixes make for a great club-stomping middle ground. The normally very metal-sounding Think About Mutation (don't let their "Hellraver" album title fool you!) actually get the most radical dance treatment with three reworkings of "Motorrazor" and the very hot "Move 'N House". The third band Oomph! are the closest to the genuine metal sound throughout this collection but still very good, and they also pack a punch on the dancefloor with "Me Inside You". So, if you like this style or you're looking to get started on it, then you need look no further because it really doesn't get any better than this.... Obviously this should be a top-level priority for all industrial DJs.

_1 ) Cubanate - Joy
_2 ) Cubanate - Joy (Extended Remix)
_3 ) Cubanate - Exultation
_4 ) Cubanate - Skeletal (Electro Mix)
_5 ) Think About Mutatation - Motorrazor
_6 ) Think About Mutatation - Razorhaus (Remix - The Syndicate/Frankfurt)
_7 ) Think About Mutatation - Razorburn (Remix - DJ Bent!/NYC)
_8 ) Think About Mutatation - Motorrazor (Digital HC Remix - Alec Empire/ATR)
_9 ) Think About Mutatation - River
10 ) Think About Mutatation - Move 'N House
11 ) Oomph! - Ice Coffin
12 ) Oomph! - Asshole
13 ) Oomph! - A.L.I.V.E.
14 ) Oomph! - Me Inside You
15 ) Oomph! - Suck, Taste, Spit (Milk Mix)

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