Mind-Bending Links

Psychedelics and Raves
alt.drugs and related FAQs
E is for Ecstasy
MDMA Frequently-Asked-Questions
Hyperreal: FAQ-Ecstasy

A short introduction to smart drugs
Smart Drug / Nootropic Info
Hyperreal: Nootropics
Timothy Leary Online

Mind Expansion Technology
The Mind Machine Page
Mind Gear
TOOLS FOR EXPLORATION - Light & Sound Machines
Zygon Learning Machine
BrainTainment Center
TMI: Hemi-Sync Learning Systems
DHARANA: The Mystery of Meditation
Dianetics Foundation
Dianetics articles
Official Scientology Website
L. Goodman's Scientology Homepage

Techno Shamanism
The Lucidity Institute
Holocom: dreams!
Astral Projection Home Page
Out of Body Experience
Sumeria: Metaphysical Library
Rosicrucian Homepage
Radionics Introduction
Keely Net: Radionics
The Cyber Psychic
Anomalous Cognition: Test Your Psychic Ability

Also, you can check our Fractal Links section for the following topics:

Chaos Theory and Graphics, Cellular Automata and Artificial Life, Multi-dimensional Visualization

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