New Beat Links

As far as we can tell. our Belgian New Beat info file is the most detailed source of information on New Beat on the net anywhere in the world! However, if you're still hungering for more, you can also check these out :

Belgian Pop & Rock Archives: New Beat

Belgian Pop & Rock Archives: Poesie Noire

Jade 4U Official Website

Praga Khan's Official Website

Praga Khan's Lords Of Acid Website

Lords Of Acid Virtual Shrine

Lords Of Acid Page

Brian's Magic Theatre: Lords Of Acid

The Cat: Lords Of Acid Page

Lords Of Acid Shockwave

Aural Extascy: Lords Of Acid

Bootlegz & Bollockz: Lords Of Acid Visuals

Mouse's Little Lords Of Acid MP3 Site

Lords Of Acid Discography

Lords of Acid on American Records

Digital Orgasm on American Records

Tattoo Of Pain

And for information on the Belgian music scene in general, try this :

Belgian Pop & Rock Archives

If anyone knows of any other New Beat-related sites out there then please let us know.....

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