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Taking human sexual activity to the dancehall, underlaying it with a sweaty beat and making it larger than life - that's what Erotic Dissidents do during working hours. Being heavy consumers of sex in their leisure time, the three wild boys and the hyperactive woman who make up this mysterious unit were looking for a way to combine business with pleasure. They had known each other for quite some time, as they visited the same social and/or private circles in uptown Ghent and downtown Brussels, where they acted out their fantasies and experienced the weirdest adventures during bacchanals involving sexually orientated food(?), love potions(!) and bare skin rubbing onto bare skin. Besides all that the quartet sometimes sat down to experiment in other fields. Music, for example, in particular electrified body music. After all the three boys in the congregation had gained some notoriety on the Belgian and European music scene and could not keep from showing off to their female friend. On some cold and grey afternoon in wintertime, while they were fiddling with their electronics, she suddenly started singing to the tunes that were ringing out. It sounded hot, inviting and inspired. The boys came up with a feverish beat, the girl added some saucy lyrics and the whole transcended into something they had never heard before: a hypnotising aural orgasm, body language translated into musical notation, an exciting tempo with a pulsating groove... They decided to call themselves Erotic Dissidents, as this summed up everything they wanted to be: sexy and extreme. The first vinyl product, "Move your ass and feel the beat", slowly worked its way up into the Belgian charts. Released in February '88, it was picked up by several DJ's in clubs throughout Belgium and, starting from there, steadily gained a wider audience. For some time their success went unnoticed by the press and the radio stations, but when Erotic Dissidents took their show on the road rumour started to spread they were sensational. The three mystery men, fronted by the wicked lolita Zoogie, a girl they encountered at the Boccacio, the renowned megadisco near Ghent, stirred up quite a storm. With their specially designed bondage suits and their stage antics they were, to say the least, very suggestive. A ban on the Belgian television was all Erotic Dissidents needed to spread further their reputation and to consolidate their appeal... In May '88 an intensified remix of "Move your ass..." was released on public demand. In August the band released a brand new 12": "Shake your hips", the second chapter in the continuing adventure of Erotic Dissidents in Big Sexyland. While you receive this information their new record will be released on 12" and CDM. It's a cover of Marilyn Monroe's "I wanna be loved by you" and it will probably break a few dishes, especially the dirty version that was released in a limited edition of 500 copies and was immediately banned from all Belgian radio stations (again!). Anyway, Erotic Dissidents want to keep a bright outlook on human sexual behavior and their own physical activities in particular. Tongue-in-eh....but never painting a vulgar picture, Erotic Dissidents bring joy and experiment in music and sex... Grab them!


Morton, Sherman and Bellucci are the Stock, Aitken and Water-men of Subway Dance Records. They're responsible for the first hit of Erotic Dissidents, "Move your ass...", and released over 50 tracks which you can find on samplers like "Beat The Box" (SUB 050), the "New Acid House Techno Beat Compilation" (SUB 046) and of course on about twenty 12 inchers.


Dirty Harry, known as one of the funniest deejays of Belgium, has been touring with his "Dirty Harry Mobile Disco Show" all over the Benelux for several years now. But what nobody else knew is the fact that Harry the deejay composes music himself. One day he came to the Antler office and played us a tape with some of his products. We were very impressed and proposed at once that he make a 12" version of his "D-Bop" song. A flood of response followed, so a 7" version had to be made. Harry was hardly able to meet with all the requests from television stations in Belgium, England, France, West Germany... About this time you might expect his new release "Double B". Be sure you make your order on time!


"Hello, this is Chief Inspector Clousseau", so begins one of the most funny 12 inches Subway ever released. "House Inspector" is the name of the thing. The record with the funny opening sample is reaching to the top of the European dance charts and it has probably not yet reached the end of its line... On stage Mac Sample is performed by a nice duo and they serve an act as funny as a bunny and Peter Sellers can be!


Taste Of Sugar is an invention of the producers Morton, Sherman and Bellucci, the boys we meet throughout the whole Subway Dance story. With the track "Hmmm Hmmm" they created another hit record which is doing very well on the Continent and especially in France, where the band is extremely popular and doing a lot of shows and TV work. The very catchy line "You wanna suck my....(tuuuuuuut)" is probably one of the main reasons for the success of this record, a line they originally sampled from Karen Finley's "Tales Of Taboo". Who knows what may follow...


In-D is a project of two DJ's from Antwerp. Marc Grouls (one of the inventors of New Beat) and Marcos Salon. For years they have been filling dancefloors with a broad range of other artists' creations and now they want to accomplish the same with a product of their own. Their first product "Virgin In-D Skies" became - rather unexpectedly - a success. The 12" landed in the playlists of several French, German and American radio stations and figured for weeks in the Belgian Sibesa charts. However, the record received no airplay at all on Belgian national radio. So the duo went for a counter-attack and named their next artifact quite appropriately "Bastion In-D Stress", as they regard their national broadcasting institutions as an alleged invincible fortress that refuses to accept the successfully growing - both in Belgium and abroad - New Beat and Techno-Beat music. "Bastion..." is already on its way to outclass its predecessor in terms of appeal as well as in sales figures, sending Grouls and Salon on their way to conquer new horizons... If those "new horizons" fit the new release of In-D, "In-D 3", you have to find out for yourself...


Jeff Hypp, originally a video-editor, and Pat Krimson, a club DJ, decided to work together on a project they called Cold Sensation. They released the record "Belgian Musictrain" together with a video which was shot on several locations (Paris, Tunesia, a few studio-recordings). Live the band is one of the most surprising acts you can find in the Belgian New Beat area...


The compilation albums "New Beat Take 1-2-3" all achieved the status of Gold Record in Belgium and sold very well in the whole of Europe. The idea behind these albums - putting hit records of the New Beat music scene together on one LP - is so strong success was not much of a surprise. And now we have already the fourth album coming out with the surprising title "New Beat Take 4". It will no doubt be a very big hit again, with or without your help. But in case you're not sure about that, we strongly recommend you to order "Take 4" as soon as possible. Thanks very much for your belief in Subway Dance records.

Kaos Records



Label manager Maurice Engelen had the honour to discover this talented young girl on a sweaty night at the New Beat palace Boccacio, near Ghent in Belgium, you all know by now. Nicky had gained some experience with playbacking and Maurice judged she had the right look to join the Kaos stable. At least, she was a lot prettier than most of the Acid New Beat musicians, one of which composed Nicky's song "Acid in the house". And all these actions turned out to be very good moves: Nicky scored a hit with this song and became somewhat of a cult figure within the Acid New Beat scene. Like the DJ's in the dancehalls of London and Amsterdam, you will soon find out that "Acid In The House" is simply irresistable...


Before the two gentlemen of Major Problem met Nathalie, they had already finished another Acid track that is at least as good as their "Acid Queen". Surprised by their success with Major Problem, they decided to release this earlier song as well. This turned out to be a good move. "I Sit On Acid" entered the international hit charts and the whole of Europe fell for The Lords Of Acid. No wonder though. After a brilliant intro: "Darling come here, f*** me up the...", the listener is swallowed by a beat that leaves no one unaffected and automatically makes your body move. There is heart and soul in this record that is unfortunately so very often missing in Acid and House music. Ask any Acid fan for his favorite Acid track and I bet you that Lords Of Acid are in his top three!


Tejo and Dirk, the musicians behind Major Problem, go back a long time. Both obsessed by music, with a strong preference for electronics, they have been playing and composing songs together for many years. Although both of them are excellent musicians, they never had the opportunity to make a record. They just stuck to the making of commercial tunes, jingles for radio programs, etc. It was however an excellent way to learn the ropes of the trade. In search for a voice and a face for their first project, they discovered Nathalie in their favorite Acid New Beat night club. And....boy, could she dance! The way she moved....she seemed possessed. The three of them finished their recordings already a few weeks later. They named the band Major Problem and the first single would be "Acid Queen". Shortly after being released, the song turned out to be hot stuff and it very soon conquered the most important clubs in Europe. Nathalie was exactly what they needed to spice things up a little bit. Surprisingly original, a little bit perverse, somewhat nasty, but always brilliant. These are the catchwords for Major Problem.


Boy Toy is known as one of the most swinging young ladies in Belgium. With her "Boy Toy New Beat Dance" she's touring all over Benelux during the weekends. She started her career as a dancer with "The Loving Angels" and "Dirty Dancing" but as soon as New Beat entered the discos, she fell in love with this new swinging music. She had set her mind upon it. Her only goal was to make a record as soon as possible. She phoned Praga Khan who was making a furor with his Kaos productions (Major Problem, Miss Nicky Trax a.o.) and invited him to a show. Only one week later they were in the studio recording "Touch My Body", a hyper-commercial fulltime dance record. At the moment Boy Toy is preparing her new show. It's going to be wild and swinging once again. Don't miss it.

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