Synthpop Links

Art Of Noise
Art Of Silence
BONG & Depeche Mode Home Page
A LA MODE, the Depeche Mode Fanzine
The Official De/Vision Homepage
MuteWeb: Devo
Erasure Welcome
Erasure Home Main Page
Zamfir 's Home Page: Erasure
Jean Michel Jarre Homepage
Kraftwerk unofficial infobahr
Gary Numan
Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys - Virtually
The Psyche Homepage
RzWeb: The Residents
Talk Talk Home Page
Tangerine Dream Home Page
Welcome to YELLO on the net
The End of Asia: Yellow Magic Orchestra
Yellow Magic Orchestra Home Page

Mute Records
German Synth Bands
The Synthpop Network
A Different Drum Homepage
'80's Synthpop (Equipment) Page
Ed's Eighties
The Dance Page

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