Techno/Ambient Links

Here are a few sites of general interest you should know about:

Techno Online
UK - Dance
DJ Casper's Jungle & Happy Hardcore Page
The Jungle Pages
Breaks: Jungle Techno web site
Happy Hardcore Homepage
NL Rave Homepage
Gabber Homepage
Goa Trance Homepage
Mixmaster Morris Ambient Page
Techno and Ambient Musicians and Record Labels on the Net
XD Zebra Techno Review Index
Thigpen's Techno Music Page
Kriss's Kool Krib
The House Of Digital Culture
Auto Web Groove Cruiser
The Womb
Eurobeat 2000


Some label-related sites:

Beyond Records
Djax Up-Beats
Eye Q Records
F Communications
Harthouse Records
Low Spirit
Moonshine Music
Moving Shadow
Music Research/Suck Me Plasma
Music Research #2/Influence/Suck Me Plasma
Perfecto Records
Planet Dog
Plus 8 Records
Reach'n Records
Rephlex Records
Rising High Records
Sabrettes Underground Resistance
Warp Records

Dance Net: Dutch Dance Labels And Artists
( Labels such as: 3 AM RECORDINGS, Blue Records, Cyber Records, ID&T, Midtown Records, Rotterdam Records, Terror Trax, X-Trax ....)

Indie Techno artist sites:

L.E.D. Homepage
Karma 99

Links to Lists of more Links: (these sites contain tons of links to individual artist's pages, among other things!)

The Unofficial Techno Resource!
DeRave Link Page
Monica's List of Cool Music Sites
Linked Techno Sites & Pages
CiM sez sm:)e
World Wide Ambience
Worldwide Internet Dance Resources
Yahoo - Entertainment:Music:Genres:Electronica

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