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Directly related to Poésie Noire

A text version of the Poésie Noire discography can be found on the Musicmaniac site.

You can also get informations on Poésie Noire and a Real Audio Sample of "Starvation of a Mind" on the Belgian Pop & Rock Archives.

Some sleeves can be found at the bottom of The Legendary Pink Page.

Some tablatures can be found on AZChords.

A very bad review of Tabula Rasa can be found on Hyperreal.

The Noorderslagfestival was a kind of contest between Dutch and Belgian bands from 1986 to 1995 where Poésie Noire played in 1986.

If you want to see our own pictures and informations in an alternative way, without credits, you can visit this page part of the Autobahn Project.

The Sanctuary sells some Electro/Gothic tapes. (Tape 7 contains Poésie Noire: Adaptation).

Poésie Noire is listed in CDDB, in UBL and All Music Guide.

Poésie Noire has communities at Orkut (1) and (2).

Poésie Noire has a group on Facebook.

Poésie Noire is on GothWeb.be.

The lyrics of Poésie Noire are Waltertje.

E-Musique blogs and speaks over Poésie Noire.


Related to Electronic and Dark music

Poésie Noire is listed in The Belgian Band List, in the Belgian Dark Alternative Music Database and in GlobalDust.

The web's largest Industrial/Gothic music index with more than 3800 artist listings.

Lots of good links to Electro/Gothic bands on a mailing-list member's page.

Many links, pictures and informations on this user page.

The Electronic Body Music Database with lots good links and The New Wave Complex with hottest infos.

A really nice gate to many electronic band sites with a page on Poésie Noire.

Nice links to eighties bands on a nice french gate.

The Industry is a very nice and dark gate where you can find unofficial sites of Vomito Negro and Liquid G

Joba is a very large gate listing clubs, bands, labels.


Related to the side-projects and to New Beat

A good description of the Belgian New Beat and the involving of Morton Sherman and Bellucci in it can be found on the Belgian New Beat Info File. There are other New Beat resources in English (1 and 2), in Dutch and also in Portuguese.

Jade4U performed some vocals in the Erotic Dissidents side-project. There is also a fan site with a very complete discography with all her projects.

Articles and interviews about New Beat at The Grid.

Boris Mikulic is also in the The Top 854 Sampling Groups List (Sample source directory).

There are a New Beat and a Volt page in the Belgian Pop & Rock Archives.

Minimalistix (project in which Jo is involved in the years 2000+) is discussed on Dance Vibes.

Few pictures on the pictures area of the Orion Too website (another years 2000+ Jo's project).

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet.



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