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Jon Donadio in USA signed on 24/03/2016, 17:43 with the following comment:
Every time I go back and re-listen to anything I've been able to find for download by this band (Love Is Colder Than Death in particular touches me deeply, I also have the Existential Despair and compilation and some others) my interest and love for them grows. I first discovered them maybe only a few years ago by researching related artists and am so glad I did. Extremely excited to listen to the albums I haven't heard yet like Marianne. If I had more money right now, I would seriously buy as many of the original releases that I could find. And to anyone that might be reading this, please check out my SoundCloud page by clicking on my name (in blue) if you are interested. I'm a musician and have been playing different instruments since a young age, and started recording my own songs in my early teen years. Music is my main passion in life, so I am always interested in making connections with like-minded artists. 3

Kamila Oliveira of aracaju in Brasil signed on 12/02/2016, 1:00 with the following comment:
Vocês são simplesmente estupendos! Conheci o Poésie Noire quando tinha 14 anos de idade, agora tenho 21 e meu amor por essa banda só aumenta. Pena que onde eu moro não vende nada relacionado a banda. TE AMO MUITO, JO!

signed on 06/02/2014, 11:45 with the following comment:
la poésie esthétique

oumar signed on 30/03/2013, 12:09.

Upthebracket of Paris in France signed on 04/03/2013, 19:29 with the following comment:
Venez à Paris. On vous veux, on vous attend !

..And you searched for inspiration in the darkest places
But all you found was déjà vu

wallet of troyes in france signed on 02/01/2013, 14:27 with the following comment:
Bonjour a tous un grand merci a poésie noire d'avoir accompagné ma vie dans les moments heureux,voire mélancoliques et ce depuis 1989 que je vous écoute;vous etes musicalement exceptionnels ,bonjour de france!

Sovannak in Quebec, Canada signed on 31/12/2012, 1:29 with the following comment:
Merci pour cette musique. Il y a des gens ici qui voudraient beaucoup vous voir en spectacle.

thami of meknes in afrique signed on 18/12/2011, 16:24 with the following comment:
la beauté possède de la forme mais la grandeur de la beauté ne possède pas de la forme...t.elalaoui

chrys of grenoble in france signed on 25/09/2011, 8:10 with the following comment:
Oui ! Venez en France ! Vous avez des fans du début à Grenoble !!

Kevin in France signed on 12/06/2011, 18:34 with the following comment:
Venez en France, putain ! Je veux vous voir...

Unless you're flemish and hate french, then i'll say in
english come play and say 'fuck you frogs' we'll love it ;)

samba diop of mario in sénégal signed on 18/04/2011, 16:17 with the following comment:

Kamal Melki of Serrekunda in Gambia signed on 21/02/2011, 9:39 with the following comment:

ronaldo oliveira of sao paulo in brazil signed on 02/02/2011, 18:46 with the following comment:
i like you ... kissesss
do you because from brazil ok...
my name is ronald
one kiss jo caster
i like new cd ... adored
from brazil - sao paulo capital
send mensage to me in msn ... me add ....
ok... jo caster
msn :

Brandy of Nederland in TX signed on 17/01/2011, 15:57 with the following comment:
I want the song Pity for the self and i cannot find it. help! itunes has an instrumental version but i want the words too

Luciano Portela of São Paulo in Brazil signed on 23/12/2010, 19:01 with the following comment:
Il y a quelque possibilité de vous vennez au Brésil?
J'adore son gorupe!!!

à plus!

Caroline Coolen of Sint-Truiden in Belgium signed on 20/11/2010, 20:09 with the following comment:
Fantastische nieuwe cd!!
Wanneer is er nog een optreden?

Zimesh signed on 01/11/2010, 21:11.

gildas of carcassonne in france signed on 18/10/2010, 19:27 with the following comment:
A propos de ce nouvel album: MERCI MERCI MERCI et encore MILLE FOIS MERCI.

Nathan of Kortrijk in Belgium signed on 04/10/2010, 21:04 with the following comment:
Got the new album last weekend and it's been playing over and over. Can't wait to see them back at Sinner's day! Hope there will be kind of an audience at this early time of the day so the band can get some stimulation to give more gigs.

just another beast in Belgium signed on 11/06/2010, 12:14 with the following comment:
So, we're in June, 2010, where is the
'sense of purpose' available ^^?

Martin of Gothenburg in Sweden signed on 12/05/2010, 14:11 with the following comment:
Poésie Noire playing live in October 2010!! I never thought I'd hear these news! :D Let's hope the new album gets released this time, and that the show actually will happen - then there can be only good news in the future, maybe more gigs and more releases?! :D

Kind regards to one and all,

Martin of Gothenburg in Sweden signed on 12/05/2010, 13:24 with the following comment:
@Biff Beltsander: Have you tried searching "global" ebay? Most of the albums pop up every now and then, in different countries and continents. Good luck! :)

Biff Beltsander of Winnipeg in Canada signed on 22/04/2010, 20:39 with the following comment:
Huge Poesie Noire fan, I listen to the music whenever I can off the internet as I can't find the albums anywhere, even Ebay does not seem to have anything whenever I check.
Would love to be able to get a few albums or singles off the internet if available to download or purchase or both.
Anyway, love the music. I often get "Pity for thy Self", "Timber", and "Beat about the Bush" in my head for days.

Patrick of Colmar in France signed on 20/03/2010, 16:19 with the following comment:
bien content de voir qu'il y est un site officiel, même s'il n'ai pas très fonctionnel et designé !
Je suis un fan de la première heure et le groupe Poésie Noire reste pour moi mon groupe préféré, d'ailleurs j'ai quelques embed sur mon blog ^^
Alors à quand le retour ?

Guicho of Guadalajara in Mexico signed on 16/12/2008, 22:21 with the following comment:
You have a lot of fans in Mexico! Please send me all the information you can, Thanks!

just another beast signed on 18/05/2008, 21:25 with the following comment:
J'ai découvert Poésie Noire un peu par hasard,
un monde aigre-doux, un rêve éveillé,
ce n'est pas par hasard si j'y suis retourné,
et si j'y retourne encore.

Bernard Fate of Amsterdam in The Netherlands signed on 30/03/2008, 13:32 with the following comment:
Hmm, I am wondering if there is still a Poesie Noire activity at all...


Mark of Athens in Greece signed on 07/02/2008, 17:36 with the following comment:
Hello everybody!
I didn\'t know that such a band existed, until I accidentally downloaded the song \"love is colder than death\". I was immediately captivated by the beautiful music and since then I have been trying to find more of it. Can anybody help me or share some mp3\'s maybe?

P.S. Thank you for this great site!
my e-mail/msn:

marcos mejlszenkier of Madrid in Spain signed on 01/08/2007, 18:07 with the following comment:

I would like to know how could I buy your CD´s in Spain or Belgium?



6-21-3-11 of Nimes in France signed on 10/07/2007, 12:02 with the following comment:
qu'est ce que j'ai pu sautiller sur poesie noire moi lool ça nous rajeuni pas...

Nico of London / Angers in UK / France signed on 15/05/2007, 0:38 with the following comment:

Poésie Noire was absolutely wicked. Had you lived in Manchester and you would had become massive!
I always thought that you followed the same path as Madchester bands, from new wave to acid house and you rocked the house. I saw Poésie Noire twice and the gigh in Angers in 1991 is still to this day one of the best gig I've been too (yes I was the nutter who was dancing in front of the stage non stop (and i wasn't doing drugs at the time!)

If you ever think of starting Poésie Noire again, please keep us posted!

Big cheers!


PS: Have you heard of Étienne Wanke?

Bart Waeles of ninove in belgium signed on 10/05/2007, 14:57 with the following comment:
One of the last 'Poesie Noire' concerts we organised and saw, was in Roeselare. We hope that you come back soon with an album and some concerts.
By the way, The vinyl album 'love is colder than death' you offered me on one of the concerts of the neon judgement is still the most played in house.
Hope to see you soon.

djalma luiz da siva of sao paulo in brasil signed on 11/02/2007, 13:06 with the following comment:
ola adoro assa banda curto desde 1987 gosataria de receber mais informaçoes

Clarke signed on 29/08/2006, 1:04 with the following comment:
c'est cool de retrouver ce groupe et ces mordeaux... ah les 80's et la cold wave!! toute ma vie.

jean pierre coulos of bouzigues in france signed on 16/07/2006, 23:54 with the following comment:
je suis tombé sur votre site par hasard, je cherchais des poésies africaines, en tout cas c'est très bien fait mais je n'ai pas compris grand chose, tant pis!!.
Ce serait mieux en français.
Il s'agit d'un groupe de "rock" un peu comme billy crowford ou les rolling stones c'est ça?
En tout cas continuez, et au plaisir de vous entendre sur nrj ou europe 1.
Je vous prie d'agréer, messieurs mes salutations les plus distinguées.

Pascal de Geest of 1780 Wemmel in België signed on 19/03/2006, 12:44 with the following comment:

Doe nog éénmaal de moeite a.u.b., en breng samen met de restanten van de Louvain Vague een éénmalig optreden op de vismarkt van Leuven tijden marktrock 2006. Ik weet het, het is bijna onmogelijk, maar met een beetje (veel) goede wil ??? Wie Weet ???

marc of oss in netherlands signed on 27/01/2006, 8:18 with the following comment:
Hi there,

I'm a dj from the Netherlands, searching the net for new / unknown material / (unsigned) bands to play / promote in my radioshows and in the clubs where I sometimes play. I'm dj-ing for Rebel Radio, a radiostation that was originally founded as an illegal anarchistic students station, but we're fully legal now. We're still very low budget, so any free music is welcome. Our radioshows are all about discovering new kinds of music, rareties, whatever happened to known bands etc. I hope u can send us a free (signed?) cd, and maybe a t-shirt (l)/ longsleeve (xl)? We play your music and let you know how the people react. Hope that's okay with you.
P.S. maybe u can send also some badges / buttons, bags, posters, signed photo’s, stickers,guitarpicks, sigaretlighters / matches, wristbands, caps / beanies / hoodies, maybe another cd/dvd / vinyl or anything else we can give away in a radio-lottery / quiz or as a reward for the revieuws listeners can give , when we play your music.


Marc de Raden
Haarviltstraat 63
5341 KW

Pepo of Sant Julia in Andorra signed on 28/12/2005, 15:23 with the following comment:
No es pot entendre la escena pop underground dels 80 sense estudiar a fons Poesie Noire, simplement delicios

VIVIAN KELLY DA SILVA of santo andré in sao paulo - brasil signed on 15/12/2005, 16:42 with the following comment:
hi... I am vocês fan, would like to get information. e as I find musics of vocês in the InterNet.

uncle dave of poughkeepsie in Bah'root signed on 28/11/2005, 0:03 with the following comment:


Renata Alcântara of São Paulo in Entrem em contato comigo!!!! signed on 21/11/2005, 20:47 with the following comment:
Quero manter contato com pessoas q curtem esse tipo de música, via e-mail ou MSN
Meu e-mail é:

marc de raden signed on 16/11/2005, 19:50 with the following comment:
Hi there,

I'm a dj from the netherlands, searching the net for new / unknown material to play / promote in my radioshows and in the clubs where i sometimes play. I'm dj-ing for radio rataplan, a radiostation that was originally founded as an illegal anarchistic students station, but we're fully legal now. We're still very low budget, so any free music is welcome. Our radioshows are all about discovering new kinds of music, rareties, whatever happened to known bands etc. I hope u can send us a free (signed?) cd, and maybe a t-shirt (l/xl)? We play your music and let you know how the people react. Hope that's okay with you.
P.S. maybe u can send also some badges / buttons, bags, posters, stickers,plectrums, maybe another cd/dvd or anything else we can give away in a radio-lottery / quiz.


Marc de Raden
Haarviltstraat 63
5341 KW

Pedro soto of mexico in guadalajara signed on 03/11/2005, 20:57 with the following comment:
We wish a lot to have all the poesie noire material, but if it is very hard to find why dont share it, I absolutely want all the songs, i'd prefer to buy it. But if antler or emi doesn't seem to have any interest in give it to us. Let's share it.

Why don't sell the songs in this page, please!

Pedro soto of mexico in mexico signed on 03/11/2005, 20:50 with the following comment:

Madison of Paris in France signed on 16/10/2005, 22:28 with the following comment:
I am obsessed with the song TIMBER. I heard it when I was a teenager on the college radio show and thought the DJ said Posse Nori. I have been trying to find this song for 18 years!!!!! Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy on cd or download the song?

Raven Kolaço of Maricá-Rio de Janeiro in Rua 7, Q.8, L.11, Casa 01 - Jd. Balneário signed on 16/09/2005, 22:06 with the following comment:
Somos da zine RIO AFTER MIDNIGHT e gostaríamos de material de vocês p/ publicação.

sabrina of sao paulo signed on 30/07/2005, 19:55 with the following comment:
eu acho a banda muito daora vcs sao tudo de bom eu amo todas as musicas e a que eu mais gosto é bunker song, tame, oblivion,ocean of tears a final eu amo todas as musicas.i love band

jone of stockholm in sweden signed on 22/06/2005, 12:01 with the following comment:
My Poésie Noire LPs bought in the eighties are since long gone -and missed! Seems hard to be able to get new copies too.

Thanks to new technology I was able to get digital copies from someone in Brazil with at least a few precious gems from Tetra and Tales of Doom. Makes me hapy, even tough I know I might voilate Poésie Noire rights by doing this. Lets say that I was desperate...

I will pay for a new CD when ever it´ll be released!

claps antonio of potenza in italia signed on 20/03/2005, 16:43 with the following comment:
i'm the best dj in gothic industrial ebm sinthpop rock in the world
i playd 8 years in brasil in the best gothclub.
for more information phone to hell

skullline of munich in germany signed on 08/03/2005, 17:15 with the following comment:
Hello Friends!!! Please look to the new Spec-Mailorder !!! Specials and Rarities for Fans and Insider of: Industrial,Noise,Military,Martial,Neofolk,Apocalyptic,Darkfolk,Ambient,Electronics,New Wave,Retro,Minimal,Oldschool,Gothic and many more...
special greedings to poesie noire :-)

mauricio S.A. of sao paulo signed on 01/03/2005, 5:13 with the following comment:
Hi Poesie Noire! We are sending this mail to inform how is big the public who like your musics here in Brasil.
We want to know if there is some interest to peay in our country. If it exist, what should de necessary?
In case of interest, we can send some festival’s photos where your musics were playerd, to you see how your band is good accept in Brasil.

Respect fully, waiting for an answer!

Mauricio S.A.

daniel of gothenburg in sweden signed on 22/02/2005, 15:03 with the following comment:
i used to lissen to poesie noire in the eighties. i really enjoyed your music at the time. and i had no idea that there was a homepage for this classic band. but as i have found it i have to tune in some day and check it out more closer... thanks guys ;)

Ed of london- Sao Paulo in Uk signed on 14/02/2005, 4:00 with the following comment:
Daunting tears! I just feel I should cease with the idea of feeding my soul with your melody. I've been looking for your music for nearly 10 years without any success.
It is so mean to get away with what is no longer only yours.
"L'argent est un cadeau" will linger for ever, immortalizing what I and my beloved friends lived in that world which only cold nights could witness...To our loved night gardens (Quarta, Araca and Consolacao) my exhausted, hopeless sigh for not being able to embalm our dreams.
Disappointment tonight has broken my strength...
Worse of all my poor voiceless cassettes can not be heard, therefore losing what Poesie has enchanted with; Essence...

Andy Von T signed on 13/01/2005, 21:43 with the following comment:
Please...come back with the wonderful music!
We are many that love Poesie Noire...We miss the music...Please...come back!

kelyane sioux of brasilia in brasil signed on 27/12/2004, 20:00 with the following comment:
i love poesie noire, i´m crazy to songs

peter montage of bad salzungen in germany signed on 15/11/2004, 3:49 with the following comment:
hello! my name is peter montage from the german melodik-elektronik-formation graphik magazin! it's a cool site! greetings peter!

jenephonia of tokyo in japan signed on 11/11/2004, 7:01 with the following comment:
How do you do?‚h`m japanese produser.please listen to SHRINE ! this japanese goth band is great! see you!

Jude of Cambridge in UK signed on 20/10/2004, 2:02 with the following comment:
Hi, Poesie Noire rare and collectable items (and loads more good stuff) can be found on, the online music store with a massive list of alternative and independent label music. Check us out! Cheers, Jude x

white widow of wetteren in belgium signed on 14/09/2004, 8:33 with the following comment:
hey jo,

you know a lot about music but in this you are wrong WW rules and not A5 !!! :)

nice site !

see ya soon

francis of leuven in bel signed on 26/08/2004, 16:58 with the following comment:
meet 4 a drink jo?

NONSO of LAGOS in NIGERIA signed on 25/08/2004, 21:20 with the following comment:

dj trancid of chicago in usa signed on 12/08/2004, 1:19 with the following comment:
I have been deejaying for almost 20 years now, and Poesie Noire was in someway or another ALWAYS in my musical rotation. We are approaching 2005, and I still play the Noire hits..they fit with my electro sets perfectly.

Jason of Philadelphia in US signed on 11/08/2004, 14:31 with the following comment:
Attention Poesie Noire fans and collectors!

I am selling a rare, hand-labeled test-press copy of In Sotto Voce's album "Tracks," released on Antler Records.

This 12" LP record is in mint condition, and comes with a type-written promotional description and track listing on Antler Records stationary.

In Sotto Voce was the secret side-project of Jo Casters and Herman Gillis, started as a reaction to a Belgian journalist who said Poesie Noire sounded too pop.

If anyone could care to purchase this album, please email and make an offer in US dollars. I will ship worldwide.

Thanks. -- Jason C.

verLOUdering of Somewhere in Nowhereland signed on 05/05/2004, 12:30 with the following comment:
Hey Dreamer with your "dreambook" :-))

A while ago I was wondering what you were doing and I got to the Mostiko site. Every time "I've seen it so many times before and I don't wanna look at it any more" I put on "Love is colder than dead" as I'm doing right now.

"Deja vu", ain't it ?


Wouter of Antwerpen in België signed on 28/04/2004, 13:10 with the following comment:
I discovered Poésie Noire through New Wave Club Class-x, an Antler compilation series, and I loved GIOCONDA SMILE from the first moment I heared it. I haven't heard many other songs of PN yet, I think about five, but PN has already become one of my absolute favorite bands. It rules.

By the way, I like the site.

gildas of la ciotat in france signed on 28/04/2004, 9:24 with the following comment:
adepte de PN depuis 1989

DieInterim of Portland OR in USA or is it? signed on 30/03/2004, 10:50 with the following comment:
I miss the Band so much! Too bad the music industry has such a death grip on what and whom gets played.

Honestly, Poésie Noire will never die because of the cult following behind them. If they could put their musik on a website to sell I would line up to buy.

Beautiful and calming,

Blake Dodson

Robinson Brandão of Curitiba in Brasil signed on 24/03/2004, 21:58 with the following comment:
Eu amo Poesie e acho o melhor som gótico-eletronic body music do mundo.Gostaria que eles voltassem a alegrar o nosso melancolico mundo noturno.As suas perolas são para mim Love is colder than death e Fait accompli.

Meyn of Gothenburg in Sweden signed on 23/03/2004, 14:34 with the following comment:
I have a copy of "Tetra" on CD up for sale at if anyone's interested. The auction ends in early April.


Rodrigo Carlucci of São Paulo in Brazil signed on 23/03/2004, 14:17.

Dago*†vaZio of sao paulo in brazil signed on 21/03/2004, 15:53 with the following comment:
poisie is perfect.........

deja vu..........again!!!

[sinto falta da epoca q tokava na pista isso..assim como silke bischoff......... ;/]

Veronica Oviedo of Austin in usa signed on 25/02/2004, 23:17 with the following comment:
I can't wait till you come out with something!I love your music "pity of the self"!!!

Fernanda of Curitiba in Brazil signed on 03/02/2004, 4:18 with the following comment:
Poésie Noire is perfect. You are great!

Margareth (Magá) of São Paulo in Brazil signed on 02/02/2004, 5:51 with the following comment:
Hi, I only to say that I loved Poesie Noire.

I´m waiting here in Brazil more things about the band.



Dimitri Casters of Diepenbeek in Belgium signed on 29/01/2004, 15:35 with the following comment:
Na lange tijd zit ik in mijn platen collectie te neuzen. Stoot daar op een aantal van PN. Dacht eens te kijken wat Jo nu doet en stoot op deze site. Nog steeds prachtige muziek, niet alleen van vroeger maar van alle tijden; Poésie .... Noire.

Miguel de la Cruz of San Benito in Texas signed on 02/01/2004, 0:17 with the following comment:
The very first time i heard poesie noire was in 1998 my friend alex bought a vinyl that said tetra on it so we assumed tetra was the name of the band, he bought the vinyl because it looked pretty cool, being fans of front 2 for 2 and skinny puppy and other goth industrial,and electronic bands he bought the vinyl when we heard the song earth i was shocked ever since then poesie noire has been my favorite band, p.s. this sight is awesome!!!

Eric of Springboro in United States signed on 01/01/2004, 22:20 with the following comment:
I love Poesie Noire and have converted their EP 'Pity for the Self of We'll Teach You to Dance' into mp3 format. My vinyl copy was sealed prior to my recording it! I would love to obtain copies of their videos, posters and other memorobelia too! If anyone knows how, please let me know!

P.S. - the United States Supreme Court ruled within the past 2 weeks that file sharing on the internet (music files) is not illegal!

John of Denver, CO in USA signed on 16/12/2003, 20:51 with the following comment:
Looking for En Grande Colère Pity For The Self Or We'll Teach You To Dance in good condition will pay top dollar.

Please email me at

Again I will pay top dollar I have been looking for this CD for 4 years, Mine was stolen from my can. PS If I get my hands on the little pucks that......


Email me

ricky of london in europe signed on 12/11/2003, 10:42 with the following comment:
poesie noire fans, please check this mint and unplayed vinyl lot on ebay: tetra, timber, tales of doom and deja vu 7":

please note, i'm not the guy who listened it, so i'm not responsible of anything! but it sounds interesting...

luz of Distrito Federal in México signed on 31/10/2003, 10:59 with the following comment:

Il y a long temps que j'ai recherché information,et aujourd'hui que par hassard j'ai y trouvé Bon! Comment vous expliquer que je suis contente.

La premièr fois que je leur entendrais etait en 1990, dès ce temps à aujourd'hui je les aime

Seulement je eu la chance d'obtenir 2 cd's pourtant je suis desolée et malèreussement ici cêst dificile l'en obtenir.

dj sepsis of texas in usa signed on 26/10/2003, 1:36 with the following comment:
A fan of poesie noire and related projects. Excellent site.

Check out the URL to participate and help keep the classic techno sound alive.


wim of heerlen in netherlands signed on 07/10/2003, 13:50 with the following comment:
I saw them for the first time in `85 i think, in Stein. One of my friends bought the album right there. I taped it. Lost it after a while.But thank god for the Internet and people like you.Love youre site Greetings

Valvekens Frank of sint-truiden in België signed on 06/10/2003, 11:33 with the following comment:
Per toeval stoot ik op het palmares van Poesie noire.

Hoe raar als ik marianne zie staan.

Ik huiver als ik zie wat PN verwezenlijkt heeft.

Deze band is 1 van de bands die de belgische muziekscene heeft gemaakt tot wat ze nu is.

speciale groetjes aan Marianne en Jo...

homero pires de oliveira of sao paulo in brasil signed on 24/09/2003, 10:10 with the following comment:
Cade a letra de THE SONG OF INNOCENCE?

Were is the THE SONG OF INNOCENCE lirics?

Parabens pelo site!

Congratulations for the site!

Brian of Plano, TX in USA signed on 22/09/2003, 7:53 with the following comment:
I discovered Poesie Noire listening to club music in Houston on the radio saturday nights. Houston went through this industrial phase it seemed. I loved it. I have an extra Pity for the self on vinyl if anyone is interested. I'm probably going to put it up for auction on ebay unless anyone offers a good price. It'll be hard for me to part with even if it's an extra. Contact me

paul burton of Los Angeles in USA signed on 30/08/2003, 1:40 with the following comment:
I discovered POESIE NOIRE while listening to public radio as a teenager in St. Petersburg Florida circa 1988. I quickly assumed the role of being the only teenager in my region who's favorite band had a french name, and an electronic sound. This made for many odd conversations at high school parties "It's Black Poetry in French" I'd mumble to some confused Janes Addiction was always worth it in the end :)I've NEVER sold those records! This site has solved a lot of mysteries that studying the record covers never could. Regards to all of the people of earth who understand such absurd magic, and sometimes painful honesty, they are POESIE NOIRE and I STILL love their music.

Peter of Zele in Belgium signed on 21/08/2003, 4:59 with the following comment:
Great site. I really love Poksie Noire. It was one of my introductions to new wavemusic. I once interviewed them for a local radioshow, Dij` Vu (indeed, we were fans).

Rachael of Fort Worth(less)/TX in USA signed on 03/07/2003, 0:27 with the following comment:
i really enjoy Poesie Noire, i was just curious if i could get more on vinyl. Was looking for Timber/Night of the Mare EP. Also looking for anything else...If anyone can help please e-mail me at In the meantime, i will contact guy below.

Chad of Albuquerque, NM in USA signed on 01/07/2003, 9:51 with the following comment:
I got turned on to Poesie Noire in 92 along with Legendary Pink Dots. I have been searching for a place where I could purchase some Poesie Noire cd's...if anyone knows where I can find some please email me at

this is a very nice site.

Wouter of Antwerp in Belgium signed on 19/06/2003, 7:48 with the following comment:
I can get my hands on the Timber 12", B-wall 7", I've lost a friend 7", I didn't ask 7" and Tragedy 7". All in good condition. 7" have a pricetag on the back.

If you want one of em mail me at

Eduardo of Santa Cruz do Sul -RS in Brasil signed on 15/06/2003, 19:16 with the following comment:
A banda é 10, Conheci Poesie em 1994 e desde entãoestou atrás de material(CD) mas é difícil de encontrar. Se Alguém tiver interesse de trocar algum cd eu posso gravar em cd memsmo os que tenho.

-Love Is colder Than Death

-Tales Of Doom


meu e-mail é:

Graziela of São Paulo in Brazil signed on 09/06/2003, 11:04 with the following comment:
Essa banda é realmente maravilhosa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bruno quintanilha of Salvador in Brazil signed on 05/06/2003, 6:13 with the following comment:
Hi everybody, it's a great pleasure to join you guys in the Poesie Noire web site...I love the band since 1988, and i was introduced to Poesie Noire by the dj José Roberto Mahr, from Novas Tendênia, in Rio de Janeiro...He always used to play Poesie Noire tracks douring his sets at the infameous club Crepúsculo de Cubatão, in Copacabana (i miss it so much)!!! Just yesterday i was listening to "Gioconda Smile" one of my favorite songs of all times...But my stereo is always playing "Pity for the Self" and "Beat about the Bush"...Nowadays, we can't find anymore bands with amazing electronic instrumental and fantastic lyrics as Poesie Noire did!!! Thanks for everything!!!Best Wishes to all!!!

Ricardo Loureiro of São Paulo in Brasil signed on 03/05/2003, 14:43 with the following comment:
Essa banda é demais!!!! Não tem como não pular pra pista quando toca Poesie Noire...

Roberto of São Paulo in Brazil signed on 16/04/2003, 4:46 with the following comment:
Hello friends this site is really the best on one of the bands that marked time in the years 80s.

The music Dejavu is one of the best music of the band.

Direct Roberto from São Paulo hearing Dejavu.

Paul Van Kempen of Holland in Holland signed on 13/04/2003, 10:43 with the following comment:
i wish the videos were back on the site, it looks promising.......

Patricia Cardoso of São Paulo in Brazil signed on 27/03/2003, 4:08 with the following comment:

Patricia of São Paulo in Brazil signed on 23/03/2003, 6:24 with the following comment:
i love poesie noire! :)


Fernando Meira of Sorocaba in Brazil signed on 13/03/2003, 3:32 with the following comment:
I'm very satisfied with my last aquisition. Poesie Noire - The Best Of Vol. 1.

You are marvelous!!!!!!!!!!

Marcos B Silva of São Paulo in Brazil signed on 23/02/2003, 14:05 with the following comment:

Cult of Oviedo in Spain signed on 16/02/2003, 13:23 with the following comment:
Poesie Noire is mu latest discover. Really good. Love is colder than death it's fabulous. Which other album do you recomend me?


Rob of Dallas, TX in USA signed on 11/02/2003, 23:04 with the following comment:
I started with "Love is Colder Than Death" back when it came out and added "Existential Despair..." and "Marianne" shortly after. All my CD's have been in boxes for the past 5 years. I'm breaking them all out and really enjoying listening to them again.

Anyone know of other groups in the same genre? The closest I have is Camouflage, but I'd like to hear other opinions. Please email me at

Frankland S. Strickland of Memphis in USA signed on 12/01/2003, 20:12 with the following comment:
Poesie noire are unequivocally the greatest European band of the 1980's. I got turned on around the time of "Love is Colder than Death." I own it and "Marianne" on CD and have the ep of "Oblivian" on vinyl. I've searched in vain for over 10 years for anything else. Thank god for I-mesh and the generous souls who've allowed me to download their files.

Jürgen Spross of Hohenlockstedt, near Hamburg in Germany signed on 01/01/2003, 10:32 with the following comment:

I know your band since 1990. One of my colleagues passed me 2 cassettes with your music, I was very impressed. 1 or 2 years later, in 1991 or 1992 you have been in Ex-Haus, Trier, Germany where I could see your band live, unfortunately there were only a few people. Now some years later I could not find your cassettes any more. So I found your homepage in Internet.

Greetings from Northern Germany

Jürgen Spross