Poésie Noire - Gare du Nord - Lyrics

(written by Casters, Gillis, Valvekens, also written by Casters, Valvekens, Gillis)

This is the place where she existed
Yes existed cause she didn't live
No more ideals left no mind of her own
Only underwear and a stained sheet

There were times when she could make them bleed
Make them crawl and beg for more
But that was then when she still smiled
A living doll in a pink decor

She didn't remember the reason why
She didn't remember how to stop
Not to feel the pain not to cry
To strip was easier than to open up

This is the place where she used to die
Now she's gone and forgotten
Somebody else is now faking the cries
And is also slowly rotting

The house near the Gare du Nord
Takes and takes but never gives
The house near the Gare du Nord
Leads its life but never lives

Extra lyrics:
(The man:) Mais qui êtes-vous?
(The girl:) Je ne sais pas, personne encore. Ma chambre, non, ma prison. Mais l'amour dans ma prison.

English translation from the french:
(The man:) But who are you?
(The girl:) I don't know, nobody yet. My room, no, my jail. But the love in my jail.

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet.



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