Poésie Noire - Icicle - Lyrics

(written by Casters, Valvekens, Gillis, also written by Casters, Gillis, Valvekens)

They're buried in my memory
And I don't want to count them
Don't give them numbers
Or do you want to to be the one?

Who said I don't love you?
But I am so tired
Putting the pieces together or my
Lost ego

The louder I laugh
The harder I try
The more I show myself
The less you know me
You don't have to tell me

I need you
But where are you
It's one of those days
When I love to feel
The tears rolling down my face

And get dressed to get some warmth
But still I am cold to the bone
And you ask me if I love you
But my mind says nobody home

I call you to the phone
But ther's no answer
No wonder you're sting next to me

The wallseare closing in
The floor is in front of my face
Five more minutes and the show is over
Don't read what I've written
'Cause I don't know what it means

Do you know what it means to be an icicle

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet.



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