Poésie Noire - The lake - Lyrics

(written by Casters, Valvekens, Gillis, also written by Casters, Gillis, Valvekens)

I'm carrying my past along
And it always keeps up with me
Like a movie running backwards
Looking at the furture with the eyes of the past

Some say the spirit lives on
And this time they can't be wrong
So if you're ready be happy
'Cause your return has already been arranged

All the lost ones are in my mind
No one has to hurry anymore
'Cause all the clocks have been unwind
And reality has been left outdoors

So let's change skin and face the truth
Lets go back to mothers womb
Lets rehearse it one more time
Thid state of being man

Your face in the candlelight
And all the past images I recall
Leave out the ones I don't like
Leave out the ones that grew too old, too cold

The lake of nostalgia is growing bigger and bigger
The lake of tranquility grows deeper and deeper

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet.



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