Poésie Noire - Night of the mare - Lyrics

(written by W.Ex-Ray, Casters, also written by Poesie Noire, also written by J.Casters, W.Ex-Ray)

Someone is wanting to kill me.
I am fleeing for the truth.
In the darkest night, it hurts to be alone.
I can hear something, I can't react.
They are searching for me.
They try to scare me.
They try to hurt me.
They try to kill me.

R. I am overreacting, I'm overacting. (2)

I am scared to be alone.
I am a fool I know.
I think there is someone, but there is just filthy air.

R. Something grew inside of me. (2)

I've lost control of myself.
I've lost control over my thought.
I've lost control over my acts.

R. I am overreacting, I'm overacting. (2)

I have a sick mind, I live the hard life.

R. In the bush of ghosts (2)

No one can escape, nobody can escape.

[ Jo + Marianne ]

I am alone, I am alone,
in this god damned fucking world, in this god damn fucking world

I am the vampire in your dreams,
R. I'll suck your blood. (2)
R. There's just blood sweat and tears. (2/3?)

There's just blood...

by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet.



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