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736 people have signed the petition. Here are the 20 last signatures:

Jon Donadio in USA signed on 24/03/2016, 13:51 with the following comment:
I love this band so much and everything about their story.

Tarciso Soares of Brasilia in Brazil signed on 13/11/2014, 3:03.

John Nelson of Parrish in USA signed on 12/12/2013, 0:51 with the following comment:
Please release mp3 or CDs of their music!!

Albert frost of San antonio in USA signed on 21/01/2013, 17:05 with the following comment:
Pleaaaase!!! I just want even an mp3 version of every song! It saddens me that I'm not able to get hard copies or even any copies of any songs by you guys!

Jorge Potyguara de Castanheiro de Freitas of Rio de Janeiro in Brasil signed on 07/11/2012, 17:01 with the following comment:
It is such a fantastic band and we, fans, should be able to listen to their music without having to download illegal copies!

Evan McWhirter of Santa Ana in USA signed on 01/11/2012, 16:17 with the following comment:
i have one album on vinyl and every time i play this for people they fall in love with it or run up and ask me what it is, i tell them "Poesie Noire" to blank stares, it's sad that this band's talents were not recognized much in the US, i work for a big import distributor here in the US, and every few months i look to see if there have been any reissues, of course there never are. with coldwave, chillwave, and witchhouse and the resurgence of a spooky subculture these releases are needed now more than ever!

Therese Gadell of Göteborg in Sweden signed on 27/07/2012, 15:15 with the following comment:
Please i would love to be abul to listen to some of My favorite songs again

Lori of Houston in USA signed on 17/07/2012, 8:33 with the following comment:
Lost music, Please find!

Dirk of Antwerpen in Belgie signed on 03/03/2012, 7:48 with the following comment:
Love is colder than Death & Marianne AUB !! Die 156kbps K7 rips trekked het echo niet meer ...

Michel Amorim Neves of Campinas sp in Brasil signed on 30/12/2011, 19:22 with the following comment:
Eu adoro esta banda!!!Nos ajudem...

Jef in Belgium signed on 15/12/2011, 12:29 with the following comment:
Al sinds jaren op zoek.... AUB

Guido Dahmen of Berlin in Germany signed on 07/12/2011, 23:34 with the following comment:
DO IT!!!

Marcelo Khan of RECIFE in Brasil signed on 19/11/2011, 21:56 with the following comment:
essa é uma das grandes expressões da musica alternastiva de todos os tempos e a prova é que no brasil pais do samba existe muitos fans.

Emerson of Sorocaba in Brazil signed on 09/11/2011, 10:10.

Danilo de castro of Suzano in Brasil signed on 28/10/2011, 1:55 with the following comment:
Relancem esses albuns please!
Nos imploramos

marlon f dias of sp in brasil signed on 26/10/2011, 1:10.

Dirk Langheim of Cologne in Germany signed on 15/10/2011, 19:41 with the following comment:
Re-Release NOW!

Graciela Paparazo Nogueira Felix of São Paulo in Brasil signed on 28/09/2011, 3:50.

Julio Cezar Ramos of Campina Grande signed on 30/08/2011, 18:47.

Ralf Grunewald of Berlin / Aarhus in Germany / Denmark signed on 28/08/2011, 16:42 with the following comment:
And please restore / remaster the videos!

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