Artist Profiles

FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON ---- Interview with Gary Cobain of UK techno innovators Future Sound Of London

Cult Of Jester ---- Interview with Ed Finkler of Industrial group Cult Of Jester

Waiting For God ---- Interview with Martin Myers of Industrial/Goth group Waiting For God

Information on the following artists is contained in the New Beat Primer section of this page. Click here to go directly to that document and you will see some mini-profiles presented in the order listed here:

Jade 4U
Nux Nemo (aka Thomas de Quincey Aka Jo Bogaert aka Technotronic)
MSB (Morton, Sherman & Bellucci)

Also in our Belgian New Beat info file is some promotion material related to the following list of artists. Click here to go directly to this point.

Erotic Dissidents
Dirty Harry
Mac Sample
Taste of Sugar
Cold Sensation
"New Beat Take 4" compilation
Miss Nicky Trax
Lords of Acid
Major Problem
Boy Toy

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