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MOBY ALERT!! Not that he was really even gone, but Moby is back on the scene in a major way right now with a load of new releases. Ecclectic as ever, he's taking a lot of his inspiration from the alternative rock music realm as well as the rave scene - as he seems disenchanted with the lack of originality and dynamic energy that he sees evident in a lot of current techno music. So, he's decided to tie the two of them together and give them both a swift kick with the release of his new album "Animal Rights". The album has spawned two singles as well..... The first one is "That's When I Reach For My Revolver", a cover song from '80's indie band Mission Of Burma, with remix work by Rollo & Sister Bliss. The newer single is called "Come On Baby", featuring mixes by Eskimos & Egypt and The Crystal Method, plus a death-metal version of "Whip It" from Devo! His side project Voodoo Child also has new material out with a new album called "The End Of Everything" and the single "Dog Heaven". Also look for Moby's remix of Soundgarden's track "Dust" on their single "Blow Up The Outside World" (CD version #2), and the new Ozzy Osbourne single "Walk On Water" which is also produced by Moby!

The Chemical Brothers are also strengthening their indie rock ties..... Tom Rowlands of the duo acts as co-producer on the new "One To Another" single from The Charlatans, with whom they've already had a long association. They also collaborate with Noel Gallagher of Oasis on the new Chemical Brothers single "Setting Sun". Noel Gallagher also joins The Aphex Twin in contributing mixes to the new Beck single "Devil's Haircut" (version #2). The other version contains a Dust Brothers mix of "Dark And Lovely" and a Mickey P mix of "American Wasteland".

Along with his "Devil's Haircut" mix for Beck, Richard D. James brings us two brand new Aphex Twin releases..... The full-length album is simply entitled "Richard D. James", and there is also a new single out called "Girl/Boy". He also does a mix for the new "Empathy Box" single by Kinesthesia (taken from the "Empathy Box" album) on his label Rephlex, which also features remixes from U-Ziq and Autechre.

Autechre have also been busy with a couple of new projects. Besides the mix for the new Kinesthesia single mentioned above, they provide a mix for the "Paroles" single from Mike Ink on the Warp Records label, which also contains a version by T Power..... Autechre have also started their own label called Skam, which has released a new EP from their Gescom side project by the name of "Key Nell".

Belgian techno-master C.J. Bolland makes a welcome return, quickly following up the release of his "Electronic Highway" album on the Internal label, with another one called "The Analogue Theatre". There's also an accompanying single called "Sugar Is Sweeter" which is already receiving wide and well-deserved attention, featuring rather unique guest vocals by Jade 4U and mixes from Armand Van Helden and Monkey Maffia.

Industrial music label Re-Constriction releases a companion to their "Shut Up Kitty" CD of synthcore cover versions of pop songs. Hip hop tracks are the focus this time around on the new album "Operation Beatbox". Famous rap songs such as Cypress Hill's "I Ain't Going Out Like That", Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" and LL Cool J's "Momma Said Knock You Out" are redone by industrial artists like 16 Volt, Battery and Apolitiq....17 tracks in total. Also on Re-Constriction is the new full-length album from 16 Volt called "letdowncrush", which includes the KILLER industrial dance cut "The Dreams That Rot In Your Heart" (available as a CD single as well).

The Fifth Column industrial label has released a special project paying tribute to '80's electronic innovators Suicide, called "We're All Frankies - A Suicide Tribute". Featured on the album are cover versions by Bloodstar, Foil, Dive, The Neon Judgement, Darkstar, Kirlian Camera/O.E.M. and Psyche.

'80's synth-icon Gary Numan is back in the spotlight with a new album (tentatively titled either "Exile" or "Techno Army") and also some radical '96 remixes by Witchman of his hit "Cars", out on 12" coloured vinyl on the Momentum label. Numan's "Are Friends Electric?" single has also been redone as a very limited edition CD single by Richie Hawtin of the Plus 8 label!

Ethnic dancepop star Ofra Haza has teamed up with John Aquaviva (the OTHER half of the Plus 8 label) to produce her new single "Love Song", released on the Logic Records label. Also out recently from John Aquaviva is a new mix CD called "Transmissions Vol. 1" featuring some largely house-oriented techno sounds.

The Advent release their own special project on Internal Records under the name New Adventures (New ADVENTures....get it?) which is actually a 4-cut EP of techno remixes of "Everything's Gone Green" by New Order! The Advent are also planning a remix version of their own "Elements Of Life" LP, called "Shaded Elementz" and featuring additional production from Carl Cox, Planetary Assualt Systems, Steve Bicknell, Joey Beltram, Damon Wild, Cari Lekebusch, Mark Bell, and The Surgeon.


Kris Needs - remixer extraordinaire and the main man behind Secret Knowledge - follows up his remix duties for The Crystal Method's "Now Is The Time" with a flurry of new activity. Indie popsters The Boo Radleys get a Secret Knowledge mix for their single "What's In The Box?", and he joins German trance act Der Dritte Raum (The Third Room) in providing remixes for fellow Harthouse/Eye Q Records act Cygnus X on their "Hypermetrical" single. He's also been lined up to do remixes for "The Age Of Love" by The Age Of Love, "Changes" by Inner City, "Neuro" by X-Cab and "The Rabbit's Name Was...." from A&E Department. Secret Knowledge also has released their first full-length album called "So Hard". Recorded with partner/vocalist Wonder, it also contains contributions from Jah Wobble and Gavin Hardkiss, as well as Andrew Innes and Martin Duffy of the band Primal Scream. "So Hard" took more than two years to record, and it features an expanded storyline based upon their "Sugar Daddy" single. The single has also been recently re-released with new mixes, including ones by Liberator and Disco Evangelists.

Bjork releases a double A-side single "Possibly Maybe /I Miss You" with remixes by Talvin Singh and Dobie, part of a series of limited edition remix releases which will be followed by a compilation album of highlights from the series called "Telegram". Other formats for "Possibly Maybe" will include mixes from Photek, Plaid, Dillinjah and LFO. Bjork is also working on new material with Beaumont Hannant's project Outcast.

Elvis Costello releases a series of singles (one week apart from each other) based on his new album "All This Useless Beauty". The "Distorted Angel" 12" release features a DJ Food remix of "Little Atoms" and a cover version of "All This Useless Beauty" by the indie pop band Lush, while the "All This Useless Beauty" single will contain a Tricky remix of "Distorted Angel". Costello will be returning the favor by remixing one of Tricky's own recordings - the "Christiansands" single - and has said that he would like to cover a Lush song as well sometime.....

The Art Of Noise are being remixed by a variety of drum & bass artists for a special remix LP on their Indochina label, including DJ Crystl, Doc Scott, Lemon D, Dom & Roland, PFM and others. The album will simply be entitled "Drum & Bass Collection", and there is also a single calles "Something Always Happens" with mixes from Doc Scott and J Majik.

Metallica - once considered by many to perhaps be the absolute antithesis of dance music - return again to the remix forum, fresh from their involvement with Moby and The Chemical Brothers, with their new single "Hero Of The Day". This time they offer a remix a little more in keeping with their conventional image, courtesy of Skinny Puppy.....

Industrial innovator Dive (aka Dirk Ivens, originally in group The Klinik) has released a remix CD called "Reported". Released on the Fifth Column label, it features mixes by Die Krupps, Leather Strip, Numb, Birmingham 6, and others. Meanwhile, The Klinik continues with founding member Marc Verhaeghen, and a new album called "Stitch" which is now out also.

Consolidated, that politically charged industrial/ hip hop/ whatever-else-style band, have their remix album out under the title "This Is Fascism". This 8-cut double vinyl/ 15-cut CD includes mixes from New Fast Automatic Daffodils, Lionrock, Johnny Moy, Coldcut, U.S.R., Carl Cox, The Drum Club, Fun Da Mental, and more.

Fini Tribe,an industrial turned pop-and-techno group who should be much more well-known than they seem to be, release their "Squelch" single with a batch of remixes. Included are mixes from DJ Misjah, Witchman, Wreckage Inc., G-Mac and Fini Tribe themselves.

Hawkwind, a presence in the progressive/ space-rock scene for over 25 years now, augment their techno EP releases with a full album of remixes called "Future Reconstructions". Contributers to this remix project include Astralasia, Optic Eye and Utah Saints.....

Nightmares On Wax release a remix version of their "Smoker's Delight" trip hop album, called "Still Smokin'", through the Warp Records label in the UK. Included are mixes from Mr. Scruff, DJ Food, Rae and Christian.

David Holmes releases a single featuring vocals by Sarah Cracknell, singer for the pop band Saint Etienne, which also draws upon the talent of numerous remixers. The single "Gone" comes with mixes by Andrew Weatherall, Alter Ego, Kruder & Dorfmeister, PFM and D'Cruze. Fans of Sarah Cracknell will also want to make note of the fact that her debut solo single is also now in release, and it's called "Anymore".

Indie outfit Compulsion have remixes out for their "Juvenile Scene Detective" on the UK's One Little Indian label. Mixing duties here are handled by Howie B, Graham Massey (of 808 State), Scanner and Static.

In an ever-growing trend, another UK indie rock group has new remix singles available now..... Manic Street Preachers release the "Everything Must Go" single with mixes from The Chemical Brothers and Sonic Stealth Orchestra (aka Apollo 440), and also "Kevin Carter" which includes remixes from Sonic Stealth Orchestra and Monkey Maffia.

Monkey Maffia (aka Jon Carter) seems to be one of the remixers of the moment right now..... Besides his recent mixes for Agent Provocateur (see last issue), Manic Street Preachers and C.J. Bolland, he's reported to be doing a remix for a track by The Prodigy called "Minefields", he's done mixes for the new "Govinda" single by the Brit-pop band Kula Shaker, as well as "Cathedrals Of Glitter" by Love Corporation, and Ruby's trip hop-oriented LP "Salt Peter Remixed"..... Other remixers on that album include Ceasefire, Peshay, The Scream Team, Red Snapper, Da Lata, S.T.S., Tim Brown, Fila Brazillia, Rootless, Karen Parker and David Harrow.



Various - Return To The Source Vol. 2 (The Chakra Journey) (on Volume) ---- UK release

Whoa....! What we have here is much more than just another techno compilation -- it is quite literally a key to a whole higher state of consciousness. It was assembled by the Return To The Source club organizers to commemorate their '95/'96 New Year's Eve event at the Brixton Academy, where a number of new age experts and choreographers were called in to arrange a type of modern ritual dance specifically designed to activate the seven chakra regions of the body, and bring people to a state of higher cosmic awareness. Various techno musicians were also commissioned to provide music based on these seven chakras. It all comes packaged in a very nice gatefold cover, and includes an extremely informative little book which not only relates to the event and the musicians, but also serves as a sort of condensed new age manual. The music consists of one CD of Goa trance and a second CD of interesting ambient cuts. On a purely listening level, the ambient disk would seem to be the more cerebral one; however, the hypnotic/ psychedelic elements of the Goa disk become more more obvious once you crank up the volume to optimal dance conditions. It's all prime stuff, and an impressive overall package that is highly recommended. Highlights include (on CD #1) "Telekinetic" by Cosmosis, "Fire" from The Green Nuns Of The Revolution, and Transwave's "Anahata"; (on CD #2) "Tantric Afterglow" by Astralasia, "The Green Ray" from Cat Von Trapp, and Youth's "Ketcher".

CD 1: ('Full On' Techno)

_1 ) Medicine Drum - Ulhura -- Base / 1st Chakra
_2 ) Mammal - Tanuga (Born From The Body) -- Sex / 2nd Chakra
_3 ) Doof - H2Om -- Sex / 2nd Chakra
_4 ) Prana - Prominence -- Solar Plexus / 3rd Chakra
_5 ) Green Nuns - Fire -- Solar Plexus / 3rd Chakra
_6 ) Transwave - Anahata -- Heart / 4th Chakra
_7 ) Cosmosis - Telekinetic -- Throat / 5th Chakra
_8 ) Outer Active - Aesophagus Fables -- Throat / 5th Chakra
_9 ) Universal Sound - Third I -- Third Eye / 6th Chakra
10 ) Mindfield - Cosmic Courier -- Crown / 7th Chakra

CD 2: (Ambient)

_1 ) Azukz - Earth Chakra -- Base / 1st Chakra
_2 ) Astralasia - Tantric Afterglow -- Sex / 2nd Chakra
_3 ) Avatara - Shaddah El Chai -- Sex / 2nd Chakra
_4 ) Freak-Quency Generator - Energy Flow -- Solar Plexus / 3rd Chakra
_5 ) Rhythm Of Space - Celeste -- Heart / 4th Chakra
_6 ) Cat Von Trapp - The Green Ray -- Heart / 4th Chakra
_7 ) Cortex - Clairaudiance -- Throat / 5th Chakra
_8 ) Another Green World - Triple Vision -- Third Eye / 6th Chakra
_9 ) Gagarin - Sowuz -- Third Eye / 6th Chakra
10 ) Sundog - 7 Minutes To Midnight -- Crown / 7th Chakra
11 ) Youth - Ketcher (Sahasrara Landscape Mix) -- Crown / 7th Chakra

Future Sound Of London - Dead Cities (on Virgin Records) ---- U.S. release

The fourth album from Future Sound Of London, and quite possibly their best yet, brings their sound into a sharper focus - as opposed to the fairly radical transitions between the earlier albums. They were serving up mainly upbeat tribal techno sounds on their "Accelerator" album, then lush ambient music on "Lifeforms", and twisted trip hop with "ISDN". The "Dead Cities" release fits securely between the styles of the last two albums, moving comfortably back and forth between them (sometimes within the same track). As the title would suggest, the music has a rather haunted and melancholy feel to it which is actually very striking, and seems to affect the listener more directly than in previous outings where things seemed more abstract and mysterious. A somewhat harder edge also creeps into it at certain points, most notably on their relatively banging "We Have Explosive", which also forms part of the soundtrack to the "Wipeout XL" videogame for the Sony PlayStation. In any case, it all fits together very well and makes for a very engaging listening experience....and you can dance to it, too. It's hard to imagine the fans wouldn't be happy with this album, and it should win them plenty of new ones as well.

_1 ) Herd Killing
_2 ) Dead Cities
_3 ) Her Face Forms In Summertime
_4 ) We Have Explosive
_5 ) Everyone In The World Is Doing Something Without Me
_6 ) My Kingdom
_7 ) Max
_8 ) Antique Toy
_9 ) Quagmire / A State Of Permanent Abyss
10 ) Glass
11 ) Yage
12 ) Vit Drowning / Through Your Gills I Breathe
13 ) First Death In The Family

Mark Stewart - Control Data (on Mute Records) ---- U.S. release

Six years after the release of his "Metatron" LP, Mark Stewart of the On-U Sound collective returns (finally!) with some new material. Along with production cohort Adrian Sherwood, he has expanded his industrial dub-rock style on this album to include some more techno and trip hop related sounds -- all carefully mutated to fit his own particular angst-ridden vibe (naturally!). This is quite a wide-ranging affair..... The dub mode is most evident on "Scorpio", and the single "Dream Kitchen" which has a vocal reminiscent of A.R. Kane. "Forbidden Love" and "Red Zone" take a more trip hop approach, as does "Consumed" which is an all-out industrial/ trip hop collision with a bassline from "White Lines" by Grandmaster Flash(!). After a little 'ambient' interlude ("Data Blast") we get some pumping industrial/ Goa trance with "Digital Justice", some edgy techno weirdness called "Simulacra", some funky industrial/ house in "The Half" - in a vein similar to some KMFDM material - and "Blood Money 2" which sounds a lot like "Blood Money" by Mute Records labelmates Nitzer Ebb (although it doesn't appear to be credited as a cover version in the liner notes.... Hmmm). Basically, while this Mark Stewart album is focused more toward the dancefloor, it still has all the edge and anguish that we've come to depend on.....

_1 ) Dream Kitchen
_2 ) Forbidden Love
_3 ) Red Zone
_4 ) Scorpio
_5 ) Consumed
_6 ) Data Blast
_7 ) Digital Justice
_8 ) Simulacra
_9 ) The Half
10 ) Blood Money 2

Cubanate - Barbarossa (on Dynamica) ---- U.S. release

The third album from UK industrial outfit Cubanate sees them covering more diverse territory than their previous one -- sort of a return to form for them, you might say. Although the 'Motorhead with synthesizers' approach of their "Cyberia" CD was very solid in itself, their full potential is more apparent when they decide to vary the tone a bit and give their rhythms a chance to take control. The title track for instance, starts us off with a strong steady beat, and is gradually overwhelmed by a growing torrent of noise as the song progresses. "Vortech" operates in reverse, starting off like a fragmented Download but eventually finding its way to the dancefloor. Other tracks range from the abstract percussion track "The Musclemen" to the Killing Joke-style rocker "Exultation". Most tracks navigate a path balancing both dance and heavy metal impulses in a manner not entirely unlike Ministry and Nine Inch Nails, but luckily not just mimicking those artists the way many lesser acts tend to do these days. The catchiest song here is still the single "Joy", also featured on the "Suck-Taste-Spit" sampler CD from Dynamica (see review in issue #5 for further details). If you like either of these albums then you'll probably like the other one as well.

_1 ) Vortech 1
_2 ) Barbarossa
_3 ) Joy
_4 ) Why Are You Here?
_5 ) Exultation
_6 ) The Musclemen
_7 ) Come Alive
_8 ) Vortech
_9 ) Lord Of The Flies


-- (EDITION #2) --


Electrope =ELECTRONIC BODY MUSIC= Chart ---- September '96

_1 ) The Prodigy - Firestarter [Empirion Mix](XL Recordings)
_2 ) Evils Toy - Organics (Hyperium)
_3 ) Cobalt 60 - Born Again (Edel Company)
_4 ) Suicide Commando - See You in Hell (Offbeat)
_5 ) Apoptygma Berserk - Non-Stop Violence (Tatra/Discordia)
_6 ) Beborn Beton - Life is a Distance (Strange Ways)
_7 ) Apoptygma Berzerk - Love Never Dies (Tatra/Discordia)
_8 ) Apoptygma Berzerk - Mourn (Tatra/Discordia)
_9 ) Front Line Assembly - Plastcity (Offbeat)
10 ) Suicide Commando - Murder (Offbeat)
11 ) T-Ma & Falco - Mutter, der Mann mit dern Koks... (BMG Ariola)
12 ) Covenant - Figurehead (Offbeat)
13 ) Cobalt 60 - Le Mort (Edel Company)
14 ) Faithless - Insomnia (Rough Trade)
15 ) Calva Y Nada - Santos Inocentes (Hyperium)
16 ) De/Vision - I Regret (Strange Ways)
17 ) 1 AM - 1000 Beats (Zoth Ommog)
18 ) Collide - Violet's Dance (Nightshade Prod.)
19 ) Wumpscut - Capital Punishment (Vuz Records)
20 ) Lights of Euphoria - Angst & Lust (Zoth Ommog)

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