What's New on SYNTHESIS?

GENERAL UPDATE!! After being in transit, and even in limbo for a while, the SYNTHESIS page has finally settled into a new location (at http://robotnik.com/synthesis). Work will soon be commencing on Issue #9, as we finish updating things from where we left off with the last edition and look into adding some new features. As always, watch this space for any further news about changes or updates to SYNTHESIS.

E-MAIL MADNESS!!!! Again due to complicated circumstances we've been having trouble getting our mail..... If you've sent us any messages and not received a response, then we probably never even saw it. So, you might want to e-mail us once again and we should get it this time.... Our missing mail is definitely gone for good, so you should try sending your message again (especially those submitting URLs and other info....). In any case, don't worry -- we're not ignoring you!

NEW FEATURE!!!! For any fans of FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON we've just added the first part of an interview with Gary Cobain of F.S.O.L., giving some background to the making of the new "Dead Cities" album. We hope to bring you the rest over the next two issues of SYNTHESIS.....

REVIEWS!!!! (This issue) DJ Megalon reviews the following albums -- C.J. Bolland - "The Analogue Theatre", MDA Analog - "MDA Analog", Various Artists: "Boston Elektro 101", "Operation Beatbox".
(Last issue) DJ Megalon reviewed the following albums -- Various Artists - "Return To The Source 2 - The Chakra Journey", Future Sound Of London - "Dead Cities", Mark Stewart - "Control Data", Cubanate - "Barbarossa".....

UPDATE!!!! Electro-Shock Therapy is a feature on Industrial and Electronic Body Music which will feature charts and reviews and so on provided by our columnist Carson, who is very active in the underground industrial fandom..... This issue's edition features an interview with the band Waiting For God from Vancouver (west coast of Canada), and the (Sept./'96) Electrope Chart of Electronic Body Music.

COMPILATIONS!!!! We have added to the listings of the Compilations Info File:

(since Sept. 1/96) Techno/Ambient Compilations: 32 albums
(since Sept. 1/96) Industrial Compilations: 3 albums
(since Sept. 1/96) New Beat Compilations: 0 albums
UPDATE!!!! We have expanded our All About SYNTHESIS info, and have moved it so that it is now a seperate item on our Menu. Besides describing the basic layout of the page, it also explains the whole philosophy behind the SYNTHESIS concept and a bit about our general editorial policy.... Indoctrinate yourself now!!

ATTENTION: ALL INDIE ELECTRONIC BANDS!!!! We are starting a new feature to provide links to independent artists who are making their own electronic music. We have set up a new subheading in our Techno/Ambient Links section and we'll be creating a seperate new section for all this (including industrial bands!!) once it's grown a bit larger. Click here for more details, or wait and read about it when you go through this issue's Music/Remix News.

FRACTAL ZOOM!!!! We've added quite a bit to our list of Fractal Links -- 17 new sites -- including some general information on chaos theory, as well as some other computer and mathematical-based graphics and concepts..... A few of these sites may require some time and effort to get through, but should definitely provide something you can use to tease your brain and your eyeballs!

MIND EXPANSION!!!! We've also made a major update to our Mind-Bending Links section -- 10 new sites -- including topics such as hypnosis, psychic powers, radionics, dianetics and scientology..... Go ahead and flex your head!!

JUNGLE ALERT!!!! You may have noticed a certain lack of information concerning the Jungle/ Happy Hardcore/ Breakbeat Techno scene on SYNTHESIS. We are in fact hoping to remedy that situation soon, but in the meantime you might want to check out some sites from our Techno/Ambient Links: aside from the Moving Shadow Label Link there's also
DJ Casper's Jungle & Happy Hardcore Page, The Jungle Pages, Breaks: Jungle Techno web site and Happy Hardcore Homepage.

GABBER ALERT!!!! We are definitely interested in getting more information on the Dutch techno scene (as well as the current Belgian scene, for that matter....) and would welcome any submissions that people might wish to send in to us as we are in short supply. In the meantime we can recommend that you take a look at the following sources of info, as listed in our section of Techno/Ambient Links:
Dance Net: Dutch Dance Labels And Artists, Gabber Homepage and NL Rave Homepage.

CALLING ALL GOTHS!!!! No cutting-edge goth fan of today will deny the close and natural connection their music has with the industrial music scene. Therefore, you'll find yourself covered in our newly-expanded Industrial/Gothic Links section. You might also want to peruse our Force One Music file for some gothic commodities.....

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