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We are people from all over the world that share the same interest in this band called Poésie Noire, released on Antler/Subway with band members Marianne Valvekens, Jo Casters and Herman Gillis.

Poésie Noire's fans also share the same problem. Our orders to our favourite recordshops and internet online stores all get the same answer: "out of stock". Though it wasn't particularly said to be limited, their records are sold out everywhere.

So, through this petition, we want to let Antler/Subway know that we are in need of Poésie Noire's records and that we want to be able buy them. The impossibility of buying their records is unacceptable.

So, Antler/Subway, please do something! A "greatest hits" compilation may be something, but what we really want is the the real stuff, the full albums. We are also interested in singles, maxi-singles and other rare tracks.

Right now all we can do is tape the records, exchange (illegal) MP3 files over the internet and copy the Poésie Noire CD's (in some cases up to three generations of copies...) simply because we have no other choice if we want to be able to listen to Poésie Noire.

But our tapes are worn out and our copies haven't got the same taste, because as real Poésie Noire fans we want the original records. So, please, Antler/Subway, react on this petition and realize that the world needs to listen to Poésie Noire.
Do something: re-release the old Poésie Noire records.



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by Patrik Kruse & David Hulet.



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