Poésie Noire - Articles


  • Backstage (11/1985) review of Gioconda Smile.
  • Oor (19/10/1985) review of Gioconda Smile.
  • Fabiola (04/1986) review of Hum And Haw.
  • Swing (05/1986) review of Hum And Haw.
  • Fabiola (02/1989) a note about the french tour.
  • Backstage (11/1989) review of Love Is Colder Than Death.
  • Bizz (01/1991) a nice Poésie Noire history (in Portuguese).
  • Zillo (07-08/1991) record review of Marianne.
  • Studio Brussels (24/10/1998) (radio broadcast) Jo's interview about his musical carreer.
  • Knack(?) (02/2004) prize won by Herman for his filterbank.
  • Het Nieuwsblad (01/02/2005) Jo's interview about New Beat and the Belgian scene.
  • BioElectric informe (2006) edition 10 volume 03. Article about Poésie Noire in a Brazilian webzine.
  • Side Line (11/05/2010) announced "The Sense Of Purpose".
  • Limbolink van Het Belang Van Limburg (14/05/2010): interview about "Sinner's Day 2010.

Pictures and videos

  • Herman giving the ZAMU 2002 Award of Best Producer to Jean-Marie Aerts (16/02/2003).
  • An excerpt from "Daan", a documentary about Daan Stuyven realized by Didier Verbeen with a portrait and interview of Herman Gillis (broadcasted on La Une, 20/02/2004).
  • EurosongBizz 2004, a montage of Jo's appearences in the television program of the Belgian preselection for the Eurosong Contest 2004 (02/2004).




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